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A gift that is sure to impress, it features 40 blooms chosen thanks to their outstanding quality, which breathe life into this ample, varied arrangement. Calla lilies and white lilies radiate elegance and warm wishes, while the exquisite red Naomi roses triumph thanks to their undeniable beauty and presence. These extra special roses add a delicate touch to the bouquet thanks to their velvety, ever-so-soft petals, enveloping it with their intense aroma, stronger than any other variety. Naomi roses also have more petals than other roses, and they are delicately surrounded by anthurium and their exclusive heart-shaped leaves.

Perfect for… Showing them how proud you are of everything they’ve achieved.
Big Achievements

Roses and Lilies

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PremiumMake your surprise even bigger by adding more stems to your bouquet.
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My surprise for my birthday was amazing, the beauty of the flowers made me feel like a princess, thank you all