Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
  1. Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
  2. Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
  3. Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums
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Sundrops: lilies and chrysanthemums

Why this bouquet is special

The yellow chrysanthemums in this bouquet are like drops of sunlight that dapple through the sunshade you lounge beneath. Warm notes to make up for the coolness of the alstroemerias, the Peruvian lilies and the eucalyptus. Send the gift of a summer experience with this bouquet, to someone who's longing to be on holidays.

What's included

  • Pink lilies
    Pink lilies
  • Purple alstroemerias
    Purple alstroemerias
  • Yellow chrysanthemums
    Yellow chrysanthemums
  • Decorative greenery
    Decorative greenery

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