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What our customers say

Shuvana (Sydney)
Its really good but the actual words were not written though
Fiorella (Gava, Barcelona)
Lindas rosas
Gina (Lima)
Was an excellent flower arrangement the size of the teddy that's was included inside the bag was perfect and the Quality of the roses was superv . Thank you so much for the excellent service.
Teresa (Munich)
The flowers are really pretty, fresh and good quality! The service is nice and responsible
Sandra (Herisau)
I love it!!
Christel (Cork)
Thank You so much!
Nizar (Barcelona)
I've been using the website for over a year and it's just amazing, from the time frame and how quick the flowers are delivered to how beautifully wrapped the flowers are. Best Service!
John Schütze
This company managed to get my order from the USA delivered the next day... To frickin' Kazakhstan!! And that was even despite me forgetting part of the address and emailing them after the order! My girlfriend sent me a picture and the flowers were gorgeous. SO happy with my experience..... NOTE- I bet results vary based on local florists, so read remarks for your same delivery country/area before ordering, and log into their page if you need customer service!
Vakhtang Chalapeikrishvili
I ordered on this site two days advance but they did their best. thank you very much to all.
very good helped. Especially the speed.
Ali Waleed Alalkawi
I bought flowers for my girlfriend in lithuania, she received it after two days like I requested. Definitely going to come back again for more flowers.
Tiago Canelas Ferreira
All was done perfectly, I ordered 1 day before.. and next day at 8 am.. the guy was at my girlfriend door.. so excellent!
Adalberto Lonardi
perfect and fast
- punctual - reliable - professional - great flowers and arrangement
Wojciech Charkow
Deliver was three days late but I understand 14feb was busy day so 4/5
Ordered and everything worked good. Delivery in time etc.
Mariann Pitz
We ordered flowers also to Spain and to Cyprus. Very easy to order, perfect delivery and beautiful products. The recipients were amazed! Thank you very much flora Queen!
Anthony Anh Nguyen
I was happy withe flowers and delivery She was so happy to receive the flowers
Ayse Katranci
Service is the best. Delivered on time to the correct address provided with great looking roses.
Your timing is perfect. Thanks for everything. ,
Edward Jf Seabrook
Flowers were a little more than I would normally spend, and there was no option to select a delivery time. Apart from that everything was perfect -- girlfriend seems very happy with her flowers.
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