Bright Lights: 6 White Roses

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What our customers say

Sandra Kovac (Wien)
Prompt delivery, highly recommended +++++++++
Elisabet (Barcelona)
All good!
Ayman Bushnaq (Sarajevo)
Best money I ever spent! You are amazing people, you made the day of my girl and the guy who delivered the roses was so nice too. 5 STARS! For on time delivery and amazing quality of roses.
Neeraj Shrestha (Stanmore)
I have had flowers delivered from flora queen several times and it’s great.
Hazel (HANTS Fareham)
Beautiful flowers, beautifully arranged in a simple vase, perfect. The flowers lasted longer than any I have received and were big, fragrant blooms. Sorry didn’t take a picture
Cristina (Catania)
Florist was absolutely kind and available to deliver twice since the first time nobody was home, gave advice how to keep them longer. Flowers were beautiful of course roses wouldn't last with Sicilian heat. Still great service.
Phan (Ho Chi Minh City)
Wrapping should be improved
Madis Podra (Skibby)
Very good service
Hrisimir Vasilev (Bangkok)
Delivery on the same day, wonderful flowers and gift! Exactly the same as the description! Highly recommended!
Susanne Tomaschek (Ciudad de México)
Flowers were beautiful! Arrived at expected delivery time. Recipients were very happy. Thank you!
Ilgın Barış Özat (Jette)
Even though I placed my order from another country, the delivery happened with no problem. I am very satisfied from the company and would recommend it.
Michael Mckinley (Vilvoorde)
Very pleased with all stages of the service, will be my number one choice next time.
Giulio Solia (53-203 WROCLAW)
Martyna, Do see my previous review. Your service has been good and I'll use it again in the future. Regards. GS
Alessio V
Great esperience , and I will reapet it. Sure. I raccomanded. Alex.
Livia Anzaldo
Delivered on Friday and with ease!
William Rizk
I was organising flowers for valentines day about 5 days before the actual day! I thought they weren't going to be delivered on time due to me ordering a little late. But they arrived on time and as requested. What I loved the most was the ability to make changes on the last second, got a quick response from the team and was very happy! I got the flowers delivered halfway across the world. Cannot be any more satisfied, she loved them! Thank you!
Paul Ross
We ordered some flowers online from Australia, do be delivered to my Mum's place on the Saturday afternoon before my Dad's funeral on Monday morning. Mum loved them - they were perfect! So they delivered when they said they would, and the flowers were gorgeous! Highly recommended!
Brenda Devine
Delivered within the time period and was fresh. The person who received the flowers was astounded and pleased with the excellent service.
Chris Cubby
arrived on the day i wanted and fresh!
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