Symphony of Roses: 20 multicolor roses

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What our customers say

Very good service, nice flowers and good customer service, I'm happy with my purchase and will repeat in the future.
I sent a bouquet in Costa Rica and it was perfectly made as in the picture. I have some suggestions: - you should do more on marketing because it is no that easy to find you through all these fake companies. - change the trustpilot rating in your website to 6.6 out of 10. This is honest and furthermore the rating is not bad. - smth happened when the order was proceed in the delivery address. A part of the address was placed in "special request" ... but your florist there did a great job. I will use your service in the future, that's for sure.
Alexander Reisch
Despite living thousands of miles away, service was punctual & completed
Norman Beaney
Great Service. Ordered a bouquet of Roses for my wife in Tenerife and arrived on time and beautifully presented making a special day even nicer. Highly Recommended.
Tracy L.
Wanted very much to send surprise gift of 'happy flowers' to friend who is ill. She loves roses and so I sent a bunch of different colored ones, adding the little bear as well. She absolutely loved them! So happy am I as well! Thank you for making it happen, and same day service as well!