Sunny Paradise: Yellow Bromeliad

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What our customers say

Luisa Andrade (Oeiras)
It went great, excellent from my point of view! , but apparently it was difficult on the receiver side to identify who was the sender. Anyway, they eventually found out... It made her have a better day! Thank you. Season's greetings. Luisa Andrade.
Alessandra (Lido di Ostia)
Impressive delivery service. Ordered from UK the previous night and the plant was delivered in Italy the next day . Shame that I can't attached a picture. Thank you so much for your service.
Maura (Lido di Ostia)
Very quick, kind, and accurate.
Bethan Perkins (Puente don Manuel)
Used twice now and both times had amazing service, arrived quickly and in fantastic condition. The package they use ensures the flowers don’t get damaged and for the price you really can’t beat it!❤️
C.t. (Luxemburg)
The delivery was made on time and the flowers was amazing. Tanks :-)
Serena Hershon (Caulfield North)
great delivery time but a suggestion..there was nothing to say where the flowers came from ( you) and nothing to say what it was or how to care for it
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