Deep Ocean: Blue Orchid

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What our customers say

David (Mijas Costa)
Product very good delivery driver was brilliant by going out of his way to find us top class service
Marco (Villa Bartolomea)
The product was perfect!! Excellent!!
Albert (Suegos, Vicedo, Lugo)
The orchid plant seems fine at the moment. It was delivered as promised, so great performance there.
Flora Haas (Suegos, Vicedo, Lugo)
I have used FloraQueen now twice for International orders and have been pleased with the way these shipments were addressed. Both items were beautiful!
Yasmine (Toulouse)
Very beautiful flower
Ingrid (Barcelona)
Very good
Barbara Rohmer
I had a great experience with FloraQueen. I sent a blue orchid to a very remote village in France. The one received looked better than the picture.
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