Love Actually: 12 Red and Pink Roses

Love Actually: 12 Red and Pink Roses
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What our customers say

Gilma (Caloocan City)
Its was real good and beautiful flower .i love it thank you for someone who give it .
Vat (Bangkok)
It’s great but the sending was late so the flowers that I got not look freshly
Malgorzata (Rawicz)
It was a very nice surprise
Iraida (Pamplona)
Loved it!
Eveline (Paris)
Came 4 days after it was ordered but was beautiful
Bocconcino (Reggio Emilia)
It was totally out of the blue! Such a surprise. The flowers are so pretty and they smell so nice
Zuriñe (Leioa, Bizkaia)
Some roses weren't fresh
Devon (Oxford)
Was a lovely product
Viktorija (Vilnius)
Effective and pleasant
Lucy (Leek)
Fantastic service and beautiful flowers. A lovely surprise.
Martina (Praha 2)
It was amazing
Ray (Murcia)
Simply beautiful. Perfection. Thank you
Erika (Las Palmas)
Muy bonito el ramo
Dusanka (Doboj)
Great product, amazing services.
Sonia (Alicante)
It was beautiful but i missed the message in card .
Sonja (Zagreb)
Beautiful, the whole house smells wonderful and makes every day a bit nicer :)
Wayne W. (Pilsen)
On time. Beautiful Roses. Helpful internet mail contact.
Zelianogueira (BETIM)
S N (Wien)
I have used FloraQueen only once so far but will definitely used them again. On time delivery, excellent service. Couldn’t be happier.
Jamescoburn (Muang Pattaya)
Great service - delivered everything as ordered and on time - very happy!
Norman Beaney (La Laguna,Tenerife)
Have used regularly. A beautiful bouquet was delivered to my wife in Tenerife on time and looked beautiful making a perfect surprise! Highly Recommended.
חליל גרבאן (Berlin)
awesome service, and quick delivery
Wilfredo (Hamburg)
Made ordering flower for people in different countries easy. Delivery took place same day and deliver between the time stated. I will definitely us this company again
C. Solana (Madrid)
Service is impeccable, delivery is always on time as promised. Arrangements are always abundant bright and fresh. I am very happy with their service I will continue to use them.
Laura Pearson (Areais de S.Joao, Albufeira)
Fantastic service. Ordered some flowers from the UK for my mum's 70th in Portugal. Online ordering was easy and the flowers were beautiful and made her day. Great work, thank you
Karl (Roma)
I've ordered flowers three times from FloraQueen, and each time the flowers have been gorgeous and delivered on time. I'm very happy with them and will continue to use them.
Mikkel Vissing Bøndorff
Easy to order, nice flowers. I could easily order flowers in Denmark delivered in Germany on the right date. I could follow them with DHL track and trace every time they moved, got a message from the Company, that they were making the flowers and I just got a picture of the real fine flowers from the happy receiver ;-)Everything about my order was fantastic.
Sam Leveridge
Reasonable prices, easy to choose from a wide range of different flowers on their website, delivered on time and really high quality flowers which are still as fresh as the day they arrived one week on. Would definitely recommend to others.
Thomas Keller
Nice fresh on time flowers:-) Will use this service again next time!
Ian Thomas Driver
Service good informing all stages of the order from start to finish, very efficient
Eduardo Carreira Perez
Sincé my desck I have a service just like I want!!
I sent flowers international they arrived on time and looked exactly like the flowers that were on their website. In the future if I need to send flowers I will definitely be using FloraQueen and I would definitely recommend them to a friend. Great service.
Georgios Roussos
The flowers I ordered arrived on time and were looking very good. However, a small teddy bear I had included, never arrived with the flowers
Tracy Allen Schnakenberg
The flowers were not delivered on time...but intended liked them when they finally arrived.
Bernd Hilpert
!!! Super !!!
Jeffrey S
They did a great job. This was an order from US to SE Asia. Delivery was in morning. I will definitely use them again.
Dr Chris Doyle
I live in the UK and bought a large bouquet of roses for my girlfriend in Lithuania from 'Flora' for Valentine's Day. I understand that Flora Queen are located in Spain. The flowers arrived on time and were adored by the receiver. She described the roses as 'outstandingly beautiful and amazing quality'. However, as the buyer, I received ZERO contact from 'Flora Queen' and I was left confused and worried (for 4 days) that I had been the victim of internet fraud. Only when my girlfriend rang, on Valentine's Day, to thank me for the flowers did I relax and know that the company is genuine. Here is a list of the failings I found in 1. On its website, 'FloraQueen' promises that they will send the buyer THREE e-mails during the order process. The 1st is to confirm that the order has been accepted by the company in Spain, The 2nd is to confirm that the order has been accepted by a Florist in Lithuanian and the 3rd is to confirm that the order has been successfully delivered. Sadly, I received NONE of these e-mails. 2. Due to my fears that I had been 'ripped off' (i.e. my money had been fraudulently taken and there would be no flowers), I decided to contact the company directly. However, THERE IS NO TELEPHONE CONTACT NUMBER ON THE WEBSITE. Furthermore, I COULDN'T FIND an e-mail address for Customer Care either! 3. I thought that maybe I could contact them via my Personal account. However, my e-mail address and password WEREN'T ACCEPTED! MOREOVER, each time that I tried to retrieve my password (or set a new one), Flora.Queen NEGLECTED TO SEND ME THE RELEVANT E-MAIL. I tried to do this on 5 occasions and, each time, NO e-mail arrived. 4. As a final resort, I sent an e-mail to their information site. I pleaded with them to send me some form of Order Conformation as I was feeling very anxious. Sadly, THIS E-MAIL WAS TOTALLY IGNORED. As a consequence, I was left worried and afraid that I had been the victim of internet fraud. I confirmed with my bank that I had been charged for the order (about £65 or 80 Euros) and I was afraid that no flowers would be delivered. Thankfully, the flowers were delivered on time and they were a beautiful bouquet. However, I have to say that the lack of Customer Care shown by 'FloraQueen' is appalling and unacceptable. Perhaps this absence of care is normal for Spanish companies but, in the UK, internet companies are far more conscientious (the purchase and its dispatch are ALWAYS confirmed by e-mail). I don't believe that I will use FloraQueen again and I urge them to re-think their Customer Care procedures and update their website. I suggest that they use Amazon as a model.
Tosti Ang
I send many flowers. All time was good quality and arrived in scheduled time
Jonathan Magill
The site is very easy to use, their prices seem reasonable and the delivery was on time, in all very good
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