Love Cocktail: Roses and Lilies

Love Cocktail: Roses and Lilies
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What our customers say

K. (Luzern)
Fast, professional, reliable
Najlae (Rabat)
Beautiful bouquet with fresh flowers and very nicely wrapped
Mayte (Tarragona)
Amazing flower bouquet !!
Mohamed Al Neyadi (München)
Thank you for your super service. I am from Dubai and by your site i sent flower to my friend in Munich. I recommended you for all my friend
Password (Sant Cugat del Vallés)
Outstanding! Being in Denmark and not knowing any companies who deliver flowers, this was really a shot in the fog. But I was so happily surprised. The delivery took place at the time requested and with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers, chocolate and the selected card. The service was excellent (I had an agent help we because the payment caused a little trouble) but everything turned out so well, and I will definetely use this company again
Omar Chemaly (Izhevsk)
Good job, Delivery as promised. Thanks!!! Price is a bit on the high side...
Laura K St Albans (Mandria, Paphos)
Ordered flowers for my father's grave in Cyprus. The delivery was very personal and the flowers were absolutely beautiful. Best I've ordered so far. Thank you. Will be using you again.
Inge Mcmillion (Julbach)
I started out with a bit of a problem with FloraQueen. The first set of flowers I sent to my friend arrived two days late. After talking to FloraQueen through emails we came to the conclusion that FloraQueen would send another bouquet of flowers to my friend. They did! I was tickled pink and so was my friend. This time the flowers arrived in perfect condition and on the stated date. They keep their word! I can trust FloraQueen with my orders.
Ordered from South Africa, delivered in Russia, telephonic confirmation from Spain - all in a day. WOW
Ian Quaresmini
I had a bouquets sent to my girlfriend in Cuzco Peru from Brisbane Australia, i did have doubts because of the location but there were delivered on time and exactly as ordered
George Frederick Jewsbury
I wanted to send flowers to a dear friend in Paris as a celebration of her birthday and of the arrival of Spring. Everything worked perfectly--and she was deeply moved with the flowers which arrived in excellent condition, on time.
Kenza Houki
I ordered a bouquet with 12 roses and lilys. My mother received a cute bouquet, well put together but it was very different from what I ordered with only a few roses (6 instead of 12) and 3 lilys. I was very disappointed but my mother was touched by the gesture.
I am impressed with the quality of the flowers. However, I have to say I had hoped that the delivery person would be able to find the location of the place as it was very easy to find, and the instructions/directions were very clear. They made a phone call to the person they were delivering it to that it kind of took away that element of surprise which was unfortunate. Also, I was charged a premium amount of $13.00 for delivery on March 21st as it was mothers day. However, the flowers were delivered on the 20th. Not only was I charged a premium amount unnecessarily but also, they were not delivered on the date I indicated. Overall, I felt that I was scammed with the unnecessary charge and the wrong delivery date that I most probably won't be using this service again.
Charles Ferro
Kept informed throughout all the stages and reasurred that my order would be delivered on time.
Mauro N Zanuto
I must say that i tried Floral Queen hoping to get what i needed in time and of quality, they exceeded my expectations, especially getting the response of the person who received the service. So good for you Floral Queen, see you soon
Tish O'malley
Thank you for a positive international experience, i was sitting here the evening before my youngest child's 22nd birthday, i had not sent her a card or gift because i was skeptical because i had sent a package a month before and she never received it. That night i got on line to send flowers, as an american from the Philadelphia area with only the German Language in my resume from 40 years ago in high school, how was i going to navigate ordering flowers in Spanish, After a long time i felt I had filled in all the blanks correctly and pushed the order button. 7 hours later, a foreign call is coming in on my phone, the man on the other side was English speaking with a thick Spanish accent, he was trying to tell me flowers could not be delivered, no answer at the building, after a few minutes (of me talking too fast and apologizing several times ) I asked him to return them to the shop, He gave me the address and phone number. He was lovely, so understanding of my language challenge. I messsaged my daughter to call me back asap, she messages me back(thinking someone had died in the family). I told her to pick them up herself with the contact info he provided to me. Happy Ending , photos of the flowers were posted all over Facebook and Instagram that evening by my wonderful daughter studying in Spain this semester.
*******UPDATE******* After posting this comment, I did get a response from floraqueen. Based on the response I get I am updating my comments. Floraqueen replied back to the ticket I created on their website and accepted the mistake created in delivering the order the wrong day. Therefore, they are issuing a refund. Here is part of the message. "PLease accept our deepest apologies for having falied you in such an occasion. After reviewing your claim, we're issuing full refund of the amount paid." I am changing my rating from two to four stars ( 5 stars when I get my refund :) ) for their quick response. ***************************** I placed an order on February 6 for a Valentine's day delivery. I placed the order one week ahead of time. It cost me additional money because it was a Saturday delivery, which was not a problem. On Wednesday floraqueen sent me an email showing that a florist is confirmed. But for some reason they tried to deliver the flowers on February 13th, when my girlfriend is not at home. They never informed me the change in delivery date and they ruined the surprise. She had to go to the post office on Saturday to rescheduled another delivery attempt. When she got the flowers (that is on Monday)they were in no condition to be presented as a gift. The funny part is floraqueen sent me a message showing that the flowers were already delivered on Saturday. I tried to contact them but they didn't care to reply back. I will never be a customer and don't recommend them at all.
Richard A.
Excellent service, excellent cooperation, excellent timing, thank you FloraQueen for making people around the world happy! Best regards, Richard from Cyprus!
Maria Defago
I asked for delivery before 2pm which was offered on the ordering page. The flowers were delivered at 6pm. But my friends said they were beautiful
Helen Rose Evans
I have titled: YOUR FLOWERS FROM HEAVEN. for they are lovely, This is what to me heaven would be like full of your beautiful flowers fraqance of each bloom that would fill the air around us. Keep up the flowers fresh and blooming for ever, For life isn't for ever. Therefore, why, not enjoy life what it brings us. Good or, bad, Mostly, good God Bless! Helen Rose Evans.
Fraser Dodge
With my parents 50th anniversary happening while they were away in Spain, I needed to find a company which could deliver the goods, literally. I found that company in FloraQueen. For some reason, there was a problem getting my credit card to work online. I gave up and thought no more of it, until my phone rang and it was a FloraQueen representative who completed the transaction over the phone. The follow ups, the service and the attention to detail were superb. My parents were thrilled to get flowers, and I was happy that it had been such a pleasant experience. Two thumbs up form Cape Town South Africa!
Ronald Ian Milner
When the price came through it was lower than billed ( only by a few pence) obviously they used the current exchange rate. Delivery was on time and the recipient was very happy.
Peter Sluiter
FloraQueen effectively delivered my flower order, not cheap but good value, mail communication after order on delivery details did not work properly but in the end all went well
Gary E Standen
Great service, beautiful flowers delivered on time. The delivery person even got passed our three guard dogs somehow.
Gabi Borrageiro
efficient and reliable service from start to finish, I was kept abreast of the status of my order every step of the way....the flowers were described by the receiver as gorgeous so that makes it special. thank you
Gang Yuan
It's my first tiem to order flowers for foreign country via web, the flowers were delivered on time and according to the agreement, everthing OK. Thanks!
Anna Kerkorian
Excellent Service! The flowers received were beautiful! Thank You - FloraQueen!
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