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FloraQueen gives you the best tips for taking care of your flowers: follow them and make your bouquet look lovelier for longer.

How to take care of your flowers
to make them last longer

  • Spray the flowers with a little water when you receive them

  • Remove the leaves from the lower part of the stem. If they break down in the water, they will give off gases that will harm the flowers

  • Place the flowers in a well-rinsed vase that has been washed with hot water and soap

  • Fill the vase with water and add flower food, which contains nutrients that will make the flowers last longer

  • Add a teaspoon of bleach per litre of water to keep the water clean and combat microorganisms

  • Place the vase in a cool place where it does not get direct sunlight

  • Change the water in the vase every two days

  • Trim the end of the stem every two days so the flowers get a constant flow of nutrients and water

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