Zamioculcas Raven. Elegant and timeless. And easy to care plant with many benefits.

Elegant, timeless and easy to care plant with many benefits.

This plant takes its name from its thick, dark purple, bird-like leaves. It is very low maintenance and thrives in just about any indoor environment, making it great for beginners or jet-setters who might sometimes miss a watering. Zamioculcas Raven is not safe for pets.

  • Pot size: 15-16cm


  • This plant Will be perfectly happy in any room you will choose to place it.

  • The ZZ Raven is toxic, so keep away from babies and pats.


  • Light: Does best in bright indirect light but can tolerate pretty deep shade.
  • Watering: Give your ZZ Raven a good soak every 7-10 days in the spring and summer and once every month in the winter. ...
  • Feeding: Feed with a slow release or organic fertilizer during summer months.
  • Temperature: The ideal temperature for this plant to maintain the intensity of its dark green color is between 16-21 degrees maximum, and 3-5 minimum. This plant tolerates heat better than cold.
  • Humidity: do not mist the leaves with water since this plant prefers to stay dry.

What you should avoid

  • Avoid placing the Zamioculcas directly under sunlight.


  • Zamioculcas have great power to clean the air of harmful particles such as toluene and xylene, highly toxic substances found in chemical cleaners, or in household furniture varnishes.
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Zamioculcas Raven Plant
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