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Orchids make great gifts, they are both intriguing and gorgeous. The perfect combination to show someone dear to you just how much they mean to you.

Orchid Care

There are many varieties of orchids the most well-known species of orchids Phalaenopsis, Oncidium and Dendrobium. Although they have been cultivated all over the world orchids are typically grown in Asia. As well as in New Zealand or Australia. People have long had a fascination with the unique beauty of orchids, they are now a very common and fantastic gift idea. If you are contemplating purchasing one as a gift for someone special here are a few care tips to pass along with it ensuring that your unique gift will last as long as possible, so they constantly reminded of your sweet sentiments for them. Orchids require little water and they also do not like direct sunlight, there prefer a half shady wind protected location, here they will thrive. Rain water is the optimal choice as that is how orchids get their nutrients, we realize this may be difficult so filtered water is the next best option. Watering them once or twice a week is sufficient for most orchid species. Adhering to these easy tips will ensure that each beautiful orchid gift will last for years to come.

Exquisite orchids delivered internationally

These exotic, elegant plants bring a touch of class and style to any room. They are a popular and beautiful gift idea. If you are looking for something a little different then these are just the thing, they have the beauty of flowers combined with the intrigue of style and design. Select an orchid, available in a variety of colors, and have it easily delivery directly to its lucky recipient. Our modern convenient international flower delivery service means they can be sent wherever you want. Simply select the flower that you like the most, enter the delivery date, add chocolates or a greeting card give your gift something a little extra special, then enter your contact details and the delivery address of the recipient and have this beautiful plant delivered right to them! It is that easy!