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The UK is a country with a long tradition of an appreciation for flowers, so it should come as no surprise that flower delivery to the UK is a popular choice. This is likely due to its cold weather and grey skies that hang over the horizon throughout the year. If you would like to add your touch of colour to a balcony or a room, the Tudor Rose is one of many flowers delivered to the UK. In fact, it is not surprising to see how many flowers are delivered in the UK; especially Tudor Roses.

The English like to send flowers to their loved ones, to enjoy birthday flowers delivery or to decorate their houses with the choicest of arrangements. Thanks to FloraQueen's international flower delivery to the UK, their wishes are granted. Sending flowers to the UK is a tradition and, for example, sending flowers to London is now easier than ever before thanks to FloraQueen.

The capital of United Kingdom is one of the places where most flower deliveries are made in the country. Many people from very diverse backgrounds live in this city; no wonder that the volume of flower deliveries in London is so big. The variety of clients ranges from home deliveries of rose bouquets sent by lovers, Tudor Roses for example, to signs of appreciation to mothers on Mother’s Day with beautiful bouquets of carnations.

Birmingham is considered the second largest city in the United Kingdom. Birmingham became the engine of industrialization of the country, and its remains are a currently grey city in need of some flowery color. The city is still a great transportation hub, also for the hundreds of floral deliveries to Birmingham throughout the year –deliveries that are thus providing some joy and life to the industrial city.

Birmingham has great ethnic and cultural diversity, so it is normal to send flowers to Birmingham for various reasons. In fact, the city is famous worldwide for having given birth to heavy metal band Black Sabbath, and consequently, the music genre as well. An example of this cultural and ethnic diversity is that Birmingham is still a modern city whose means of showing respect and love is by giving flowers.

The city of Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland and very often has to share the spotlight with Edinburgh, its capital. Glasgow was an important major shipyard where fishing ships were built. During the industrial revolution, the city experienced an economic boom that led it to worldwide recognition. Today, Glasgow is a bustling cosmopolitan city, with its many celebrations filled with flower details and floral arrangements.

Liverpool, the city known worldwide for having given birth to the famous band The Beatles, is one of the most famous cities in the UK, perhaps the best known after London. Its population is the youngest in all the United Kingdom, so the number of couples is quite high, making numerous flower deliveries as signs of affection between them very common.

Leeds is a stunningly beautiful city in the north of England, in the county of West Yorkshire. Originally full of forests, its inhabitants have inherited a love of nature and all things floral. Leeds is a city with a great florist tradition, with many well-known celebrations statewide, and hence not surprising that sending flowers to Leeds as a token of love and affection between loved ones is a common practice.

Sheffield is inhabited by a large community of students, with many student couples and friends who send flower bouquets to each other quite frequently. In this college town, they have a great passion for gardens and flowers, which makes deliveries of flowers quite high. If you have a friend or family member in Sheffield and want to make a nice gesture, FloraQueen can deliver flowers to Sheffield with the guarantee that the bouquet will be highly appreciated.

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