Godiva's Finest Selection
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Godiva's Finest Selection

You love them a choco-lot

Everybody loves chocolate! But not everyone is lucky enough to receive a wonderful surprise like the one you’re just about to send to that very special person. More chocolate in one place than they’ve ever seen before, and, thanks to Godiva’s expertise, it’s of the highest quality.

Gift Details details:

  • 1 perfect rectangular box with 24 Godiva Carrés, three rows of delicious square chocolates that match the three textures, fillings and purity of the choice chocolates.

  • 1 box, Godiva's Truffles Signature, with 9 truffles, a real treat that is best savoured slowly.

  • 1 little heart-shaped Coeur Iconique box, with 6 chocolates and also by Godiva.


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