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Recent deliveries across the world for03/05/2016
  • (2016-05-03T01:03:20+00:00)Someone from
    North Las Vegas, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands
  • (2016-05-03T01:03:05+00:00)Someone from
    Castelfranco Emilia, Italy
    sent amazing flowers to Castelfranco Emilia, Italy
  • (2016-05-03T00:59:19+00:00)Someone from
    Leominster, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Antwerp, Belgium
  • (2016-05-03T00:57:21+00:00)Someone from
    Cherry Hill, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Konstanz / Bodensee, Germany
  • (2016-05-03T00:52:54+00:00)Someone from
    Wellington , New Zealand
    sent amazing flowers to Tubingen , Germany
  • (2016-05-03T00:51:06+00:00)Someone from
    Litchfield Park, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Moscow, Russia
  • (2016-05-03T00:48:09+00:00)Someone from
    London, United Kingdom
    sent amazing flowers to Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • (2016-05-03T00:45:43+00:00)Someone from
    Bogota, Colombia
    sent amazing flowers to Castellon De La Plana , Spain - peninsula
  • (2016-05-03T00:43:06+00:00)Someone from
    Weston, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Friville Escarbotin, France
  • (2016-05-03T00:43:06+00:00)Someone from
    Ponferrada, Spain - peninsula
    sent amazing flowers to Tibasosa (barrio Santillana), Colombia
  • (2016-05-03T00:41:54+00:00)Someone from
    Long Beach , USA
    sent amazing flowers to Fes, Morocco
  • (2016-05-03T00:38:18+00:00)Someone from
    Chihuahua, Chih, Mexico
    sent amazing flowers to Ourinhos, Brazil
  • (2016-05-03T00:34:55+00:00)Someone from
    Burlingame, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Rennes Cedex , France
  • (2016-05-03T00:32:31+00:00)Someone from
    New York, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Berlin, Germany
  • (2016-05-03T00:31:37+00:00)Someone from
    Arlington, USA
    sent amazing flowers to Luxembourg , Luxembourg

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