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Located midway between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea, there are always good reasons to send flowers to Toulouse. International flower delivery options mean that there are lots of amazing flower arrangements to choose from when sending flowers to your loved ones. Are you thinking of sending a gift to celebrate someone’s birthday? Maybe you want to mark an important life occasion of a person you love, such as a graduation, wedding or christening. For all these occasions and many more, flowers offer the opportunity to send a unique and unforgettable gift. The horticultural tradition of the city is best expressed every February during the Violet Festival in Toulouse.

During this colourful annual festival, the central areas of the city are bedecked by a dazzling variety of beautiful mauve violets, all cultivated in the surrounding countryside. It is a busy time for Toulouse flower delivery orders, not least because it falls so close to St Valentine’s Day. The French are a romantic people who appropriately celebrate this patron saint of lovers. However, with Toulouse’s ongoing reputation as a centre of academic excellence, congratulations flowers in Toulouse are a popular choice when students celebrate their graduation each summer.

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