Why you should celebrate your marriage in autumn?

Why you should celebrate your marriage in autumn FloraQueen EN Why you should celebrate your marriage in autumn?

“The air is so perfumed, the light is so pure,

To a dying person the sun is so beautiful!”

‘Autumn’ by Lamartine

Ah, autumn, what a beautiful season! A time of colours and perfumes that is just so romantic. A perfect season for weddings! Though the trend is for spring or summer, autumn offers real advantages for a successful, original wedding! We’ll try to set out a few below.


  •  A perfect temperature:




In autumn, summer’s overwhelming heat is over! It’s not too hot but it’s not too cold yet either. It’s the perfect time to take photos outside, dressed up in those beautiful clothes!

  •   Makeup stays on better:




All women know it – makeup stays longer on skin that isn’t sweating! And though the bride should have nothing to do on her day, it’s difficult to stay fresh in 30 degree heat, or more! Autumn’s soft temperatures mean you can forget about this nuisance.


  •  The sunset, for sure!




Just imagine: you and your other half dressed like princes in a romantic pose with a magnificent sunset behind you! OK, it’s a cliché but wouldn’t this photo be among the most beautiful in your collection? Definitely! And what better season for it than autumn, when the sunset comes at the perfect time of day?


  • I want everything on the menu!




In autumn, choosing your menu is easier. Our choice of vegetables and seasonal fruit at this time is wide! Whether you opt for a lighter summer-style menu or a fuller menu like in winter, everything goes and it will all be chic! And don’t forget that autumn is the season of wine and chocolate!


  • And to finish, the sublime seasonal flowers:




Asters, chrysanthemums, camellias, dahlias, hydrangeas, anemones and so many others. When it comes to supplying the flowers of the season, autumn is certainly not at rest. And they are just as sumptuous as summer flowers. Pair them with the tones of autumn and you’ll have a bouquet of flowers in the colours of passionate love, joy and prosperity.





What do you think, dear readers? Did you get married in autumn? Share your opinions with us!

And to close this post, a link of a video for the couples of lovers!


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