Hello Autumn! How To Welcome Nature’s Most Beautiful Season

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The 23rd of September is the official start of autumn bringing an end to the summer and heralding the start of nature’s most beautiful season. While it often feels like a time of decline and natural endings autumn is also a time of refreshment, renewal, and ultimately, optimism.

While many will mourn summer, we’ve found a few reasons to remain positive as things become a lot more autumnal.

Enjoy the best seasonal ingredients

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Autumn is a time of natural bounty, coming so close to the traditional harvest time across Europe and North America. This means that eating well is no problem, with so many tasty (and mercifully) healthy ingredients such as pumpkins, squash, mushrooms and scrumptious  fruit such as apples, There are dozens of recipes to make this year’s fall extra delicious.

Have a fall cleaning

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Yes we’ve all heard of spring cleaning after the long winter months. However, having a clean as the seasons change from summer to autumn can also be highly worthwhile. After all, as the weather changes for the colder, you may be spending more time indoors. Take the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and your home with a few touches of comfort to make home extra snug. A few candles and some seasonal fragrances can do much to make a home feel warmer.

Celebrate the freshness

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Let’s be honest, summer this year was a really hot one. Take advantage of the less stifling weather and breathe in a breath of fresh air. Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy nature and the beauty of landscapes as the seasons change.

Embrace the colours of nature

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Autumn is often thought of as nature’s most colourful season. As the leaves change and fall from the trees nature treats us to an amazing display of its beauty one last time before winter. Take advantage of this colourful time of the year by enjoying beautiful red, yellow, orange and white bouquets of flowers around the home to reflect the seasonal hues and add warmth to your home.

There’s no need to feel blue as the seasons change. Autumn is all about new beginnings as well as natural endings. With a few little steps you too can experience an amazing autumn, full of joy and optimism.

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