May, a month boasting a great history

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May is a month boasting a great history. It is the month when the glorious splendour of springtime is at its height before gradually moving into summer in June. A multitude of flowers bloom in May. The month also marks the celebration of four major events, though one of them is lesser known.


 May’s fine weather 

May brings buckets of sunshine and hence a change of wardrobe to more lightweight clothing, as opposed to April, when the saying goes “ne’er cast a clout till May be out”. May sees the blossoming of dozens of flowers, including Agapanthus and Petunias, to name but a few.


A hectic month

This month has its share of obligations. It starts getting warmer and while some are lucky enough to make the most of the long weekends the month offers, others are swamped with work. It’s also often the month when students sit exams. But who can say that they have never savoured an ice cream on a terrace or haven’t gone for a leisurely stroll on the beach or in the park during this sunny month?


Events… Brimming with events!

Labour Day falls on 1 May, an almost universal event, where even public transport does not run in several cities.

15 May marks the International Day of Families, albeit a little less known, which dates back to 1993.

Other celebrations exist such as International Nurses Day on 12 May, etc.

And, needless to say, Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated on 10 May in many countries but beforehand in some countries such as Spain, where it fell on 3 May.

May tends to be a month with lots of hustle and bustle. But a little planning ahead and some common sense are the secret to making the most of the month and spending quality time with our friends and family.



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