How to Make an Easter Flower Arrangement

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How to Make an Easter Flower ArrangementYour Easter flower arrangement doesn’t have to be a huge display; with Easter flowers you can really have some fun.  There are plenty of props that you can use – ones that you will already have around the home too. Making an Easter Centrepiece is very simple and only has to be as big and complicated as you want it to be.

Keep It Simple

To get you started try using a pillar candle and a spray of spring flowers, this is all you need for a beautiful simple centrepiece. Half fill a glass bowl or vase with water and place the candle in the centre. Surround the candle with the flower heads, chop them so they have a small amount of stem left, and pack them tightly (but not so much they look crushed). If you feel really adventurous then you can place hyacinth heads in the dish before  the other flower heads and this gives a pretty base to the display.

Another idea is simple vases; thin ones in differing heights work best, use a stem of different spring flowers in each vase with a sprig of blossom, and decorate the vases with a plain ribbon bow wrapped around the centre. Line them up across the table. Choose colours that complement each other choosing shades of pinks and purples look good together.

Scatter your arrangement using a variety of flowers, it doesn’t have to be many just a couple of flowers in some eggcups look very effective and also create a simple silhouette. For a more grown up and slightly more detailed centrepiece, embed a layer of moss in a flat bowl and take varieties of flowers in similar hues i.e. purple tulips, lilacs and hyacinths. Choose something like a nest of eggs. Layering your flowers on top of the moss, starting with the darkest shade first, go all around the bottom of the dish. Add the other flowers on top until you finish with the smallest and lightest hues. In the centre place a group of eggs – whether they are fresh un-painted eggs or decorated ones, there you have a beautiful floral Easter nest.

Another variation is to use the same shade of flowers and work them all around the bowl, using a block of oasis to keep the flowers in place, and again fill with eggs. To give this a splash of colour you can add foil covered chocolate eggs for a cheeky Easter touch.

Get The Family Involved

Children love Easter, it’s a great time to involve them for decorating for the coming season. The easiest thing they can make is an Easter Tree.  Select a branch from a seasonal tree such as a blossom of some variety that has a lot of sprigs coming from it.  Plastic eggs are available from most art and craft suppliers, let the children decorate the eggs with paint, glitter, glue and you can download Easter templates from many online sites and this will help the children with images of chicks and bunnies that they may like to decorate and hang from the tree. It’s nice for them to have something they have made themselves and have on display.

Or alternately for a bit of sparkle you can grab some pony beads and a metal Easter shaped cookie cutter – place the cutter in an oven proof glass dish and fill the cookie cutter with a layer of the beads. Place in the oven until the beads are melted enough that they stick together. Once out the oven, make a small hole in the top of the shape while the beads are still warm. This will be where you add the thread for hanging.

Once cooled, the thread can be added and hang the eggs from the branches of your tree. These look great in a sunny spot.

Decorating a Table With Flowers For Easter

For an Easter breakfast, you don’t want a huge overpowering centrepiece. Something simple as a hand tied bunch of lilacs or daffodils in a vase or jug in the centre is enough to begin the day, very spring like and pretty.

Scatter a few decorated eggs around the table and for an Easter treat stand a chocolate bunny in a small bowl and fill with mini eggs then put one at each place setting. The rest of the table can be decorated for breakfast as normal but only put on the table what you need, because you don’t want it to look too cluttered.

Easter is a fun time for all the family and decorating your home to welcome the spring with colourful and cheerful displays will have everyone smiling and guarantee you have sunshine in your home.

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