What to Send Guys Instead of Flowers

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Do you have a special guy in your life who could use a pick me up? Maybe you have a brother, husband, father, or uncle in your life, but you don’t want to give them flowers. What do you send a guy instead of flowers? There are plenty of alternative gifts that would make any guy in your life smile from ear to ear. It can be daunting trying to find them the perfect gift. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a “pick me up,” we have gift ideas for all price points and all life-events.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

* Why send that guy in your life a gift?

* Gift ideas

* Major milestones to remember for him

Why Send That Guy in Your Life a Gift

For the most part, guys are typically the ones who give gifts to their significant other, which is why when it comes to giving them a gift, they may seem bashful upon receipt of it. Giving that special guy in your life a gift is one way of showing them how much you care but also how much they mean to you. Other reasons that you might want to surprise that guy in your life include:

* Birthday

* Anniversary

* Promotion

* Thinking of you

These are just a few of the reasons why you can surprise that guy in your life. Getting them a “thinking of you” gift is sure to show them how much they mean to you.

Gift Ideas 

Whatever your budget, or the relationship between you two, here are some popular gift ideas that any guy would love to have and receive.

* Subscription Boxes – From Sprezza to Gentleman’s Box, these monthly subscription boxes come with products and items that the guy in your life is sure to love. These subscription boxes feature products such as socks, cologne, watches, and ties. What a great way to help that guy in your life improve his wardrobe or maybe even get him started on one. Subscription boxes can be purchased either once, or you can get them in a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription – whatever your budget is, there is a plan for you.

* Sporting tickets – Does your boyfriend always talk about his favorite basketball team? Why not surprise him with a pair to his favorite team? Don’t worry; you don’t have to be his plus-one. You can tell him it’s for him for a “boys night.” If you are up for it, you can join him and make it a fun date-night.

  * Experience – Axe throwing, rock climbing, or batting cage, whatever the experience is that the guy in your life may want to do or try, get him a pass to do so. Maybe you are looking to spend some time with your dad or brother but don’t want to do a full round of golf? Mini golf is a great happy medium!

* Gift cards – Maybe you have a gamer in your life, or someone who enjoys online shopping. Whatever it is, gift cards can be a great way to spoil that guy in your life. If your boyfriend is always spoiling you with presents, taking the bill without arguing, or just putting your first – why not do the same back? Let him feel what it’s like to be spoiled and to go on a shopping spree.

* Weekend Getaway – Are you looking for a win-win gift to get your guy? Why not surprise him with a weekend getaway? Whether you rent a cottage outside the city or do a staycation at a hotel and disconnect from the world – pamper yourselves and pamper him for all he does.

Major Milestones to Remember Him

While there are particular reasons to give a gift to that guy in your life, here are some significant milestones you don’t want to forget about.

* Father’s Day – For the first man in your life, Father’s Day is one day you don’t want to forget about. Father’s Day is a special day where we can appreciate and celebrate the men in our lives who have always been there for us. They were there when we took our first step, said our first words, and when we had tears falling down our face – don’t forget to celebrate the dad in your life.

* Birthday – Whether it’s a major birthday milestone such as turning 21 or 30, maybe 50 or whatever the age, birthdays are special and a great reason to give them a gift.

* Anniversary – It doesn’t matter how many years you and your plus one has been together, anniversaries are a great way to shower your loved one with gifts. It’s a great reason to spoil them and shower them with love.

* Promotion – Ever ask your partner, “how was your day?” and they casually respond with an “okay,” or they shrug? Maybe they casually say they just got promoted to team leader or manager at work – to them; it may not seem important; however, any career development is worthy of a celebration. It doesn’t have to be immediate, but why not spoil them with dinner or an activity of their choice?

Guys may not always share their emotions, which is why it is essential to celebrate these achievements no matter how big or small they may be. They can be hard to read, but if there is one emotion they can’t hide, it is their appreciation and joy from being surprised with a gift.

Regardless of who that special guy is in your life, it never hurts to spoil and surprise them with a gift that isn’t flowers. While flowers can express what we often struggle to verbalize, guys typically enjoy a gift they can use, experience, or remember. If you are thinking of getting them flowers, consider pairing it with a gift card or another present. Turn the tables in your relationship and surprise him with a gift. It doesn’t matter how much you spend because there is a big chance that your boyfriend, brother, or dad is going to be appreciative of the thought that you got them a gift.

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