What Orange Flowers Mean As A Surprise Gift

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Yellow is a colour of joy and red a colour of passion when it comes to flowers. But what happens when you mix these two colours together and end up with orange flowers? Orange coloured flowers are a delight to receive with their eye-catching, bright hues and sunny disposition but what do these types of flowers mean to your recipient exactly?

What do Orange flowers signify?

Orange is a bright and energetic colour, which on its own communicates a sense of heat, invigoration and also strength. But what about when it comes to orange flowers? In many cases receiving an orange bouquet communicates positive energy and passion for the person you’re surprising making them great gifts for celebrations but there are many more messages you can send with an orange bouquet.

Let’s take a look at some of the more nuanced meanings of these flowers:

The Sun

Sunny orange flowers

It will come as little surprise that many people think of the sun when they think of orange flowers. With all the warmth and bright sunny colour these flowers contain, your loved one is sure to be beaming with happiness just as much as these colourful blooms beam like the sun.

Joy in the face of adversity

Happy girl with orange gerberas over eyes

Orange flowers are bright and happy flowers, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used in more sad occasions. In many cases orange flowers can be ideal funeral or get well gifts. In the case of funerals orange flowers are perfect to reflect the life of someone with a fiery or strong personality. Alternatively, as a get well gift, the positivity and energetic feel of these flowers is ideal to help someone on the road to recovery.

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The warmest feeling of love

orange mother's day rose bouquet

While not as passionate as their red cousins, orange flowers are perfect for communicating a strong love. This makes them perfect for a family member’s celebration or for celebrating the special occasions of your dearest friends.

Excitement and enthusiasm

Bright FloraQueen orange bouquet

Orange blooms make a great gift to send encouragement for someone embarking on new adventures or for a new baby. It’s also interesting to note how orange flowers are traditionally associated with events where brand new ideas and theories are discussed making them an amazing surprise for someone who is always innovating and coming up with new ideas.


Orange FloraQueen bouquet in hand

No matter if it’s personal or professional, orange flowers are seen as among the best to communicate growth. Whether it’s to celebrate a new start in someones career or to celebrating a new life experience like a wedding, orange flowers can always be relied on to do the job.

You can always rely on beautiful orange flowers to impress and with these meanings in mind you can tailor the ideal message just for your special someone.

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