What to Look for When Searching the Internet for “Flower Store near Me?”

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For centuries flowers have been one of the more popular ways of expressing our affection for others, and of course, as a way to express our sincerest apologies towards a mistreated spouse (men, take note!). From Valentine’s day to practically every other meaningful day in our lives, receiving a gift of flowers can be a wonderful surprise. With online businesses starting to take hold of the market so that people can get flowers delivered from the comfort of their homes, the flower shops that used to grace every corner of neighborhoods are slowly dwindling. So, what is the best way to find yourself a great flower store? And what exactly should you be looking for so that you come away with the right flowers for your needs? We explore all this and more.

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• Harnessing the Internet                                                                                                            • Unique Style and Design                                                                                                          • Customer Service Perfection                                                                                                    • Location Location                                                                                                                      • What Makes a Flower Shop Great?

Harnessing the Internet

With the advent of the internet, our ability to expand our search for the perfect store has exploded exponentially. We get into some of the things that could be useful to think about when looking for a physical store near you, but always remember that there are some fantastic online outlets. Many of the things you should be looking for from a walk-in store apply to an online business as well. Whether you are choosing to go in person, or shopping at an online store like flora queen, you should be harnessing the internet to find out if it is the right store for you. Check reviews on sites like Yelp, as well as Google, and scan through some of the comments left on the websites. Check social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which can give you a closer look at the kind of people working at the business and how much effort they are putting into making it an amazing place. Flowers have so much meaning wrapped up in them, and you don’t want to rush and make the wrong choice.

Unique Style and Design

This may seem unimportant to your flower shop experience. Still, it may be one of the greatest signs that the owner of the shop cares about the visual and aesthetic experience that their clients are having when they not only pass by the store but walk inside. Flowers are not only beautiful symbolic gifts but also a way to beautify our surroundings. If you are looking to find a shop near you that is going to give you the best service, look for one with a unique style and design, one that shows that the owner cares about the aesthetic, and so is able to give you good advice. The kind of advice that leads to you getting the right type of flowers, and how to mix and create arrangements so that your home or business shines as best as possible. Flowers are lovely, so make sure you get the right kind for yourself by choosing someone with a keen eye for detail.

Customer Service Perfection

Following along the same vein as above, you really want to have excellent customer service when you walk into a flower store. So, if you walk in, and the employees are pretty much ignoring you or not entirely focusing their energy on you, just leave. A good florist asks you quite a few questions to figure out the reason for your purchase. Is it for a friend or family member? Is it for an occasion? Where are these flowers going to be placed, and what kind of environment is it? You want them to dig into your life just like a hairdresser does, only with more purpose. It is pretty easy to tell when someone loves being around flowers, as the more they talk to you, it just pours out of them. Those are the kinds of people you want to sell your flowers to you.

Location Location

Should you just go to the closest flower shop near you and be done with it? Probably not. Just like when looking at the care and attention an owner puts into the exterior and interior design of their shop, seeing where someone has decided to build their store can tell you some things also. A good florist tends to choose a location not just based on the traffic that comes around, but also what is best for their flowers. A flower shop near a beautiful mountain or forest shows that the owner appreciates nature. If the owner decides to open up in an area known for lots of creativity and unique shopping experiences, you know that it is something they think of. What many of these things have in common is overall attention to detail, and whether the owner cares about what they are selling. Flowers have more than just aesthetic value. They create an experience. Find someone who cares about your experience.

What Makes a Flower Shop Great?

What exactly goes into making a flower shop great? Is it the impeccable customer service needed to help create a deep connection between a client and the store so that they not only keep coming back for more but also tell all their friends and family about it? Is it the decor and style that catches your eye as you walk or drive by, forcing you to forsake all your plans and shimmy your way in to find out why your brain is throwing fireworks in the air? Or is it just a kind of animal magnetism that draws us to places with a multitude of colors and scents, a lizard-brain automatic process we cannot fight against. If you have read your way up to this point, you can pretty much assume that all of those get together to throw a perfection party when it comes to a store. All of those facets mix and make a spot that is wonderful and lights up our brain so that we keep wanting more.

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