Why Aren’t There Many Flowers for Men?

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Flowers are a great gift for a lady in your life but what about your boyfriend or husband? We were wondering why for many sending flowers for men doesn’t inspire the same sentiments as sending your girl friends a nice bouquet. Is it really true that men don’t like to receive flowers as gifts?

We think that despite the stereotype the answer is no. Of course there are a few factors to consider:

It Depends on the Man

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Recently many of the old rigid stereotypes of what’s manly and what’s isn’t have shifted greatly. That said many men still don’t normally gravitate towards choosing flowers as gifts for themselves (except for at certain times but we’ll discuss that shortly). Of course it’s true to say that doesn’t mean that men aren’t horticulturalists, as many gardeners and flower growers will attest.

However, cut flowers are still not really part of most men’s gift wishlists. Unless the man in your life has expressed a love of flowers before it’s likely he’ll not know what to make of a floral gift. That isn’t to say he won’t appreciate the thought but he might question why he got flowers instead of something else more practical or more suited to his personality.

Some Flowers are Better Choices than Others

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All flowers are equal but some are more equal than others. This is especially the case when choosing the right flowers to give to a man. Despite shifts in gender politics men still might not appreciate flowers like pink roses or lilies. However, men and flowers can go together well if you make the right choice of flower.

Carnations or roses for example are popular men’s flowers at weddings, for button holes. Orchids are another good choice as they have an exotic air about them and as decorative flowering plants tend to also last longer than regular cut flowers. If you set on giving him cut flowers though, we would recommend choosing a bold coloured bouquet of red, orange or yellow flowers. These colours communicate passion and energy which is the perfect way to reflect the man of action he may be.

Timing is Important

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The when is just as important as the why when you send flowers to a male friend, partner or colleague. There are some situations which aren’t gendered at all when sending flowers to a man.

Giving him flowers when he’s unwell is obviously appreciated as it’s a thoughtful gesture and reflects the (hopefully) temporary nature of his illness. Another occasion when men would probably be happy to receive flowers would be at a wedding when flowers are an integral part of the celebration.

Finally it’s fair to say that men would welcome flowers at more sombre events like funerals. Here flowers are an expected necessity and (as before) it’s seen as a kind and thoughtful display of affection at a time when it helps to know that people are thinking of them in their hour of need.

It’s clear to see that there’s no clear answer to this question as so many factors come into play. What we can say for sure is that if you choose your bouquet of flowers carefully even the most manly man could be delighted with a gift of flowers.

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