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Roses are a unique type of flower loved and cherished by all. They are arguably the most popular flowers anywhere in the world; given this, getting them from any florist store can be quite difficult considering the fact that they easily run out of stock, especially during festive periods. Be that as it may, did you know that, despite these unique flowers’ prominence, you can easily order for them and get them delivered the same day? How is this possible? It is very much possible when you use the services at FloraQueen to send roses.

To understand how this is done, keep reading this article to learn:

  • Why you should send roses
  • When to send roses
  • How to order for rose flowers and get them delivered the same day
  • About the best bouquets of roses… and a lot more.

Why Should You Send Roses?

With an evocative smell and a wide range of colors to choose from, roses are, without a doubt, one of the best flowers to celebrate any special occasion. The meaning they convey are mostly narrowed towards love and affection, so they can make your friends and family bubble with unprecedented surprise when you send them. Additionally, roses can make your loved ones’ special days unforgettable. Given this, why don’t you pick a bouquet of roses and get them delivered to your friends and family wherever they are in the world? With FloraQueen, your rose flowers can be delivered the same day you order them, so you don’t have to worry about delays or any disappointment that can water down the excitement in sending roses just in time to celebrate your loved ones.

Where Should You Send Roses?

Considering the magnitude of roses, you can send them anywhere at any given time in order to celebrate your loved ones, share happy moments on special occasions, and commemorate the deceased. That being said, with FloraQueen, you can send roses the same day and get them delivered to:

Wedding Events

The foundation of any wedding event is built upon love, and roses, especially the red ones, can depict the love shared at a wedding event perfectly. Why waste time in getting these flowers delivered just in time to make the wedding memorable? FloraQueen can help you deliver the roses on time.


Are you running out of time to pay your last respect to a deceased person? You can send a bouquet of white roses to the funeral and get them delivered quickly.


Nobody wants to miss the chance of wishing their loved one a happy birthday. Pick a bouquet of roses and get them delivered right on time to celebrate that special someone.

How to Order Roses and Get Them Delivered the Same Day

Roses with same-day deliveries are essential to celebrate special occasions when they are still valid. Why wait for a long time when you can simply use FloraQueen’s services to deliver a vibrant and colorful bouquet of rose to excite your loved ones? Follow the guide below to order roses and get them delivered the same day:

  • Select your preferred bouquet of roses from FloraQueen’s collection
  • Click the “Continue” button, and in the following window, select your destination country or city and the date you want the roses delivered on FloraQueen’s calendar
  • Select any of the classic, premium, or deluxe sizes of rose bouquets
  • Add some of the provided gifts such as plush toys, sweets, a vase, a bottle of wine, and greeting cards to supplement your rose bouquet
  • Personalize your flowers with a message of yours or use one of the preset messages available
  • In the next window, input your recipient’s delivery city, phone number, and address to make the same-day delivery quick and hassle-free
  • View the breakdown of your order cost and make payment thereafter to complete your order

How Do You Get Same-day Deliveries of Roses?

FloraQueen works with a network of professional florists who are experts at making rose bouquets. These florists are scattered around major cities in several countries across the world. They understand the need of every customer; hence, they can quickly make the perfect bouquet of roses for your loved one’s birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc. How do they make same-day deliveries? Once FloraQueen’s florist in your selected city has completed making arrangements for your roses, the roses are sent to your loved one’s home address or to the intended event location.

Things to Note When Placing Same-day Delivery Orders for Roses

In as much as getting your rose flowers delivered on time is what FloraQueen does best, there are certain things you must do to make the entire process smooth and without hiccups:

  1. Place your order on time: FloraQueen has a strict protocol that must be followed to make roses same-day deliveries. You must place your order before 12:00 PM on Mondays to Fridays and before 09:00 AM on Saturdays. FloraQueen doesn’t provide same-day deliveries for roses on Sundays in some cities. All this is to ensure that you get the best of service.
  2. Use the calendar to ensure that same-day deliveries for roses can be made for at your selected city at a given time: rose same-day deliveries might not be available at a given period of time. Make sure that you check the calendar very well. Dates that same-day deliveries can be made are dotted orange.
  3. Use the special request box: when making same-day deliveries for roses, certain things can be omitted in the course of rushing to get the flowers delivered. So as not to experience this, use the special request box. You can use the special request box to tell FloraQueen exactly where, how, and when you want your flowers delivered. You can find the special request box in the second step of placing your order.


Roses are highly sought after flowers; in order not to experience delays when ordering for some, use FloraQueen’s same-day deliveries for roses so that your bouquet of roses can be prepared immediately and sent to your friends or family to share happy moments of joy and love.

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