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You can follow your order status at all times by tracking it here.

Once you've completed the purchase of your bouquet or plant, we'll send a notification to our trusted local florists in the area you selected for delivery. They will accept the order as soon as possible and start preparing it to ensure it reaches its lucky recipient on the date you requested.

We'd like to inform you that, for the moment, we cannot send a tracking number in all cases because many of our florists use their own transportation. We are working to improve our clients' experience in this respect.
If the delivery date is the same as the date the purchase was made, your order might not be processed on time. Even though our florists always have the necessary variety of flowers available, unexpected circumstances may arise that prevent them from accepting the order.

If it is not possible to deliver your bouquet or plant on the date requested, we will refund the delivery fee, but we cannot refund the total price of your order. If the delivery date has passed by and you have not heard from us, please contact us here so that we can investigate what happened.
We always do everything in our power to ensure orders arrive on the date and times indicated by our clients. However, sometimes we have to deal with external factors that prevent us from meeting our objective.

If you paid the supplement for your bouquet or plant to arrive at its destination on time, your order will be given priority treatment and delivered as urgently as possible.

If you order has not been delivered on the date and at the time selected and more than 24 hours have gone by, please contact us by clicking here. If we cannot deliver your order at the time you requested, we will refund the delivery fee and the extra you paid for a specific time with a voucher for this amount or find a solution to compensate you for the delay.

Please write us a message here if your order has not been delivered and in the delivery status it appears as confirmed.
When you enter the website, you should first select the delivery country to check the flowers and plants available from our catalogue. In each country, the delivery options may vary according to the climate and environment.

To obtain a real list of the products available, it's very important for the delivery country selected to be the same as the one the recipient is located in. If you choose a product that's available in other countries, but not in the one you selected for delivery, we will be obliged to cancel your order.
Please bear in mind that only the products specified in the order description and what you add during the purchase process will be included in it.

If an additional product appears in the photo but is not specified in the description, it will not be sent. You can check all the products you will receive in the purchase summary before accepting the payment. Once your order has been processed, we will not be able to send any more additional products.

If you haven't received a product in your order, please contact us by clicking here. We will proceed to send you the order without this product and we will refund you with a voucher for the same price to be used on your next order.
As we use an extensive network of florists all over the world, we sometimes cannot guarantee a specific brand in the products that will be added to your order. In addition, it is possible that these products will not be exactly the same as those that appear in the photos published. But don't worry, we assure you that they will always be of a similar quality to those you see on our website.
All the florists we work with have been selected for the quality of the products they offer. Our goal is for our bouquets to always contain the freshest flowers.

Nonetheless, occasionally the flower quality may be affected by factors beyond our control. If you have received flowers that do not meet the quality standards you expected, please send us a photo of the product and your order number by clicking here. We will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.
If you have a discount code and you wish to use it for your purchase, you simply need to select the "Discount Code" box before confirming payment, on the right side of the screen. Next, you should introduce your code and confirm it. Lastly, you just need to wait for the website to confirm the correct application of the discount to proceed with the payment of your purchase.

Please remember that it is not possible to accumulate more than one discount in the same order, so if you have more than one code you will have to choose which one you wish to use. Additionally, we cannot apply the discount if the code has not been introduced correctly during the purchasing process.

If you have any questions about how to apply your discount, you can always write to us here.
You can modify your order details while it still appears as Created In your personal account area. If your order status is Being prepared, this means that one of our florists has already started work on it, so we cannot make any change.

If you are still in time to modify it, please click here to communicate your new delivery address to us.
You can modify or cancel your order in the ‘My Orders’ section of your personal account, as long as its status is ‘Created’.

In this case, you can cancel it, either for a refund with the admin fees (€9.90) deducted, or for a voucher worth 100% the total amount of your order.

If you choose a refund and your currency is not the euro, the payment will be subject to the exchange rate in effect at the time of the transaction.

If you prefer a voucher, it will be valid for one year. You can use it on your chosen product, but it cannot be combined with other promotions.

If your order status is ‘Being prepared’, this means that one of our florists has already started work on it, so we cannot make any changes or cancel it.
To request an invoice for your order, you should start a session in your FloraClub profile and enter the "Previous Orders" section. Once you have selected your order, you will see the "Request an Invoice" option. When you click on this option a page will appear allowing you to introduce your details and obtain your invoice.

If you'd like to change your order invoice, you simply need to follow the same process explained above and correct the corresponding details.
To make a purchase on our website, you must first select the country you wish to send your order to. This will allow you to view the flowers and plants available in our catalogue.

Once you have selected the delivery country, you will be able to choose the option/s you like best from the different ones available. You can also add a small detail to complement your gift and a personalised message for the recipient.

When you complete your product selection, you should introduce the delivery details for your order. It's very important that you check that all the information is correct to ensure your order can be delivered without any problems.

Lastly, the system will guide you to introduce your payment details, which will be processed securely on our platform.

Once your order has been confirmed, you will receive an email with a summary of your order and our system will assign it to one of our trusted florists.

We always endeavour to make the prices of our products as competitive as possible. However, we are occasionally obliged to change them if the florist informs us of a variation in the cost of the material, preparation or transportation.

If this should happen to your order, we will get in touch with you straight away so that you can authorise us to process the order at the new price. If we do not receive confirmation from you in 48 hours, your order will be automatically cancelled and we will refund the full amount via the same method of payment you used to make the purchase.

Please bear in mind that we do not make deliveries on Sundays or holidays. Nor can we process orders by telephone or email.

If you have any further questions about our purchasing process, please send us a message here. We will be happy to help you.
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Once you click on the link, your subscription will be cancelled automatically.

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