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Send Flowers to Spain - peninsula

Send flowers to Spain

Send flowers to Spain

Spain is a country with an age-old tradition and appreciation for flowers. Its pleasant weather allows for many different types of flowers to grow. Tuberoses, carnations, thickets, endless fields of sunflowers... all kinds of native flowers as well bloom in Spain; therefore, it should come as no surprise that there is such a vast amount of flowers being sent in Spain. The Spanish like to send flowers to their loved ones and for all sorts of reasons: tokens of appreciation, love, respect and even to apologize. Sending flowers in Spain is a tradition, and FloraQueen will make it even easier for you to send flowers to Spain, including its major cities, like Madrid or Barcelona. All thanks to our online flower shops.

The capital of Spain is one of the cities with the most flower deliveries in the country. Many people live in this city, with many different backgrounds, so the amount and variety of flower deliveries in Madrid is vast: from sweethearts sending roses to each other, to showing mothers some appreciation on Mother’s Day with a pretty bouquet of carnations.

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and colourful cities in Spain. It is also the recipient of many flower deliveries. People in this Modernista city on the shores on the Mediterranean are used to sending flowers among loved ones, family and lovers…

The main town in Eastern Spain, Valencia is a warm city with longstanding traditions and different celebrations. It is therefore normal that one would want to send flowers to Valencia, the land of many celebrations and festivals, such as the well-known Fallas. With Valencia’s Mediterranean character, sending flowers to one’s loved ones as tokens of affection is customary.

Bilbao is the most populous city in the Basque Country, and as a result, it is also where most flowers are sent in the beautiful Spanish north. The weather here is not one's stereotypical image of Spain with rain being very frequent, but that does not mean that people are any colder – it is very typical in Bilbao to send flowers to loved ones to celebrate birthdays, Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

The capital of Aragon, and home to more than half the population in this region, Zaragoza is a city with a great flower tradition. With important celebrations such as the Fiestas del Pilar, it is common to send flowers to loved ones living in Zaragoza as a sign of love and affection.

Seville is the largest city and the capital of Andalusia. It is also one of the most colourful cities in Spain. Not surprisingly, one of the most beautiful streets in the country is found in Seville: the Callejón de las Flores, or Flower Alley, a tiny alley full of flowers that is a sight to behold. It is only normal that flower deliveries to Seville are very common and frequent, given the long flower tradition in this Andalusian city.

Many cities are still to get a mention. Flowers are sent every day in all of them, and they are no less important than those above. As we said, Spain is a country of flowers, with a time-honoured tradition in this field, and one which all Spaniards are very proud of. This is also a country where we enjoy all forms of showing affection, like sending flowers for a birthday, to celebrate different holidays, weddings, baptisms, etc., any occasion is a good one to send anyone anywhere a pretty flower bouquet. FloraQueen’s flower delivery service allows you to send flowers everywhere in the country.

Sending gifts abroad has never been easier. Here at FloraQueen, we have literally hundreds of wonderful ideas, and even more flowers for sale online, to celebrate any occasion, or just to keep in touch with your friends and family. We have taken time to set up a network of trusted and specially chosen florists and places that deliver flowers, who can guarantee on-time delivery of the freshest bouquets. From north to south and from January to December, FloraQueen can send flowers to Spain and make those special days just that extra bit more special.

From flowers to wonderful gift baskets to celebrate any occasion, FloraQueen should be your first stop for sending gifts overseas and international flower delivery.

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