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Send Flowers to Italy

Send flowers to Italy

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A long peninsula extending deep into the Mediterranean, Italy is the country of flowers. Italians are big flower buyers and they are constantly sending them to friends and relatives both in Italy and abroad, using bouquets of flowers to commemorate all sorts of special occasions. With our flowers for sale online, FloraQueen’s international floral delivery service can fulfill all of your flower needs!

Many festivals are held in honour of flowers, which mark fabulous events where you can enjoy flowers in all their splendor, particularly those from our flower shops online.

The “Eternal City” is more than 3,000 years old, and it is also one of the most passionate European cities when it comes to sending flowers. The Roman character is outgoing and friendly, with Romans constantly showing displays of affection such as giving flowers to loved ones. Thanks to FloraQueen, you too can partake in all this joy by sending flowers to Rome.

Milan is the capital of fashion and all things colourful, which makes it the perfect place to send our stylish and bright flowers. Although Milan is a great modern city with tall buildings, it is easily explored by foot thanks to its small size.

Naples receives its tourists with all kinds of festivities. Its inhabitants enjoy their traditions immensely and proudly show it by decorating their houses with flowers. With a long holiday tradition, the celebrations throughout the year are opportunities to send flowers to family and friends.

Turin is known as the “cradle of Italy” on account of being the birthplace of important historical figures. This major hub of business and culture receives daily deliveries of flowers for constant events and celebrations.

Genoa is the birthplace of Columbus, which is the focus of all tourist and cultural attractions in the city. It is located in the north of Italy, where the climate is cooler, and where a great variety of wildflowers grow.

Wildflowers are great for decorating weddings and celebrations. FloraQueen offers the best advice for all types of flower arrangements, adapting to typical local flowers. Our professional local florists are able to adapt your bouquet as you desire, so what are you waiting for, send flowers to Italy now through FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service!

But here at FloraQueen, we’re not just about flowers. Our website has endless ideas for international gifts delivery. All those special occasions that crop up throughout the year can be celebrated with our original ideas, and all delivered on time. FloraQueen also has hundreds of wonderful ideas if you wish to send gifts overseas to mark any occasion.

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