Our magic

The excitement of raising smiles all over the world

Every gift has its own unique essence that travels straight to the heart and home of its special recipient.
Discover exactly what the magic of FloraQueen is all about, step by step.


Growing the flowers

Your flowers’ journey begins on a vast, open field. Our farmers make sure they grow in the best possible conditions, personalising their care according to the needs of each type of flower.

They only use natural ingredients to feed them and boost their properties. They also make sure they get the light and water they need until it’s the perfect time to cut them.


Taking them to auction

Once they are cut, the flowers get taken to auction, where florists bid on the ones that best fit the needs of their customers.

This process is carried out in an agile, coordinated fashion, so that the flowers stay fresh at all times. It’s quite a spectacle!


Moving them to our centres

The flowers that arrive at our logistics centres come from all over the world, depending on the conditions in which each type of flower thrives.

In this phase, a quick, safe transport system is needed to keep the flowers in perfect condition throughout their journey.


Processing your order

When we receive your order, we allocate it to one of the artisan florists in our centres.

If your delivery is urgent, we contact our team of partner florists closest to the delivery location. That way, we can make sure the flowers arrive on time and in great condition.


Preparing your bouquet

Our florists begin to work their magic as soon as they receive an order.

All the bouquets and floral arrangements you can see on our website are lovingly put together by our team. They also take care of preparing combinations of flowers with other gifts.


Delivering the flowers

Our florists carefully package your flowers in boxes designed to keep them protected until they reach their recipient.

The design of the box means the bouquet is kept upright and held firmly in place, so that the flowers don’t get damaged in transit. If your flowers are prepared by a local florist, it is highly likely that they will deliver them to you in person.


...And making that special someone smile!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a beaming smile on the face of someone receiving a surprise bouquet of flowers. This is always our number-one goal for all the orders we prepare.

We are eager to offer you the best-quality flowers, with which you can create unique moments that will forever remain etched in your memory. We love to see you smile!

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