We're still delivering smiles across the world, with safety as our top priority

Our magic

Delivering Smiles All Over The World

We want to help you send the perfect gift to the perfect someone.
That starts with providing the highest quality flowers and gifts from all over the world


Growing your flowers

The journey of your flowers begins in a wide open field. Here, farmers and gardeners take great care of your flowers to ensure that they grow in the best condition and to be as beautiful as possible.

Using a host of ingredients taken straight from nature, the farmers keep their fingers crossed for sunshine, add in some watering and nutrients and then wait until the perfect moment to cut your flowers.


At auction

Once cut, flowers are taken as quickly as possible to a flower auction. Here, florists from all over the world come together to bid for flowers to meet their valuable customers' needs.

This process happens very quickly to ensure that the the flowers stay as fresh as possible, so if you have ordered a few days in advance, your flowers could be here right now!



Flowers come from all over the world, depending on the type of flower and the conditions in which they grow best.

Holland, Colombia and Kenya are some of the world's biggest growers of flowers, which means that your flowers can sometimes be in for quite a long journey before arriving at your door! This stage of the process is vital to keep your flowers cool, fresh and in perfect condition with a quick, but safe, journey. Ironically, there's little time to "stop and smell the roses" in the flower industry!


Processing your order

You might have just made your order, or be about to make one when you read this, so now you'll know what happens next! Our team will instantly get all of your order information and will pass it on to our expert florist, usually at one of FloraQueen's logistical centers.

If your order is an urgent one, we will talk with our team of local florists in the recipient's area to ensure that they can deliver a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers straight into the lucky recipient's hands!


Preparing your bouquet

Once our florists receive an order, they start to work their magic! Flower arranging is like any piece of art work, and takes time and effort, alongside the skilled touch of our team.

One of their lucky benefits is that they are always working alongside the most beautiful and highest quality flowers. All of the bouquets and arrangements that you see on our website are put together by our great team, meaning that their 'office' is permanently smelling fresh and fragrant and is filled with color.


Delivering your flowers

Our florists then carefully package your flowers in specially designed boxes which will ensure that they are protected on their journey to the recipient, and are loaded onto the delivery vehicle.

The design of the boxes means that the flowers can stand up tall, and are carefully held in place, so that they aren't bashed about and are still in pristine condition when opened! If your flowers come from a local florist, they are often delivered by the florists themselves, who are keen to ensure that they arrive in top condition.


Making them smile!

The most important step of the whole journey! Nothing makes us happier than seeing the beaming smile on the face of someone who is receiving a surprise flower bouquet delivery! All along the way, we try to make sure that this smile is guaranteed, and every day we keep working to make sure that the smile is there when we deliver each and every bouquet.

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