Floraqueen summer flower collection title card

Getting to Know FloraQueen’s Summer Flower Collection

It’s July and the summer temperature is hotting up. To help you cool things off a little we’re going to spend some time getting to know FloraQueen’s summer flower collection. With these refreshing summer bouquets you can easily surprise for any birthday, anniversary or to just add a breath of fresh air (and flowers) to someone’s day, […]

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Orange flowers title card

What Orange Flowers Mean As A Surprise Gift

Yellow is a colour of joy and red a colour of passion when it comes to flowers. But what happens when you mix these two colours together and end up with orange flowers? Orange coloured flowers are a delight to receive with their eye-catching, bright hues and sunny disposition but what do these types of […]

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cancer zodiac flowers title card

Cancer: What Are The Perfect Zodiac Flowers For This Star Sign?

When it comes to celebrating a special occasion for someone who was born under the sign of Cancer the best choices of zodiac flowers may seem tricky. Cancers are a loyal bunch and are known for their kind generosity, so choosing the best flowers to surprise and celebrate their love is crucial. We’re going to […]

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Festival pedralbles with floraqueen title card

Inside the Festival de Pedralbes With FloraQueen

Is music floral in nature? We were certainly curious to find out ourselves, which is why we’ve teamed up with the Festival de Pedralbes in Barcelona to share flowers not only with the public but with the artists performing at the month-long event. We will be taking part in this fantastic festival between 6th June […]

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sunflower bouquet of the month title card

Why this Stunning Sunflower Arrangement Is Our Bouquet Of The Month

It’s June and summer is in the year. As a result it will come as no surprise that our bouquet of the month for this sunny month is a bright and beautiful sunflower arrangement! Our Breath of Colour bouquet combines summer sunflowers with bright red carnations and striking lavender coloured limonium and is bound to turn […]

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Why sunflowers face the sun title

Why Sunflowers Always Face The Sun: Solved!

We’ve probably all heard the fact that sunflowers follow the sun, it’s something which gives these beautiful plants their name. The question you may be asking at this point is why sunflowers always face the sun? First lets unpack this idea a little. The idea that sunflowers always track the sun is a little bit […]

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Customer of the Month for June: South African Anniversary Surprises

Making a couple happy on their anniversary, especially when they have been together for many years, is just one of the many great things that an international flower delivery can do. That is also exactly why Jean Johnson, our customer of the month for June, chose us to help add extra smiles to her son’s […]

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sunflower bouquet title card

What Are The Perfect Flowers To Pair With Sunflowers?

When it comes to summer there’s nothing more spectacular than a bouquet of sunflowers. While these sunny yellow harbingers of summertime are fantastic just on their own, there are dozens of flowers to pair with sunflowers to create the perfect bouquet designs. At this time of year, it’s unsurprising to find sunflowers stealing the show […]

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What is the Full Spectrum of Gerbera Daisy Colours?

There’s nothing quite as cheerful as a bouquet of gerberas in the home. When it comes to gerbera daisy colours you certainly have a lot of choice. There’s a complete rainbow of colours to enjoy when you send a bouquet of these beautiful large flowers to someone.  Gerberas are native to South Africa (as a […]

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