Beautiful box of chocolate

The history of chocolate baskets as a gift

Giving and receiving chocolate on special days like Valentine’s Day makes for a sumptuous surprise but it got us thinking, how was this tradition started? We’ve done a little bit of research and investigation to find out the answer to that question and we found that a chocolate basket as a gift has a lot […]

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Jon Snow Flower

Game of Thrones: A flower for every character

The 7th season of Game of Thrones is underway and even we at FloraQueen couldn’t resist writing an article about it. Every flower has a specific role in the kingdom of flowers thanks to its unique appearance and characteristics, so we’re going to play a game. What flower would make the best flower to send […]

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Creative wedding proposals

Five creative marriage proposal ideas

If you’re thinking about tying the knot and want to impress your partner with your imagination, then a creative marriage proposal that wows and delights your future fiancee is much more likely to succeed than something uninspired and boring.  If you like arts and crafts or trying alternative ways to try traditional rites of passage, […]

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Send gifts internationally to make someone happy

5 top tips to send gifts internationally

Sending gifts internationally seems easy but there are some things to be careful of. The world of giving and receiving gifts varies dramatically depending on what country you are in. We live in a far more connected world than ever before and with business and families becoming global, it is becoming more and more common […]

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Send Flowers to Barcelona

5 of the best festivals in Barcelona

Barcelona is easily one of the most cultural and international cities in Europe. It is famed worldwide for its Gaudi architecture, its sandy beaches and its striking landscape lined with mountains. People from all over the world come here every year for both work and play and one thing they and the local “Barcelonese” population […]

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Care for sunflowers: 5 top tips

Sunflowers are one of the most symbolic flowers when it comes to this time of year as the summer kicks off and sunshine fills the air with heat and the fragrances of fresh flowers. Do you know how to care for sunflowers?. It can be hard to know exactly how to care for these beautiful […]

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Gift delivery and 5 other plans for your anniversary

Your anniversary is the only day other than Christmas in the year where you can share a special day with someone else. Even though it may be even better than Christmas, because you share it with just your spouse and your spouse alone. You spend the day together remembering that special day in the recent […]

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Send flowers to Italy: if each city were a flower

Send flowers to Italy: if each city were a flower You will have hopefully seen our previous blog on the stereotypes to consider when you send flowers to Italy. Having read this you will know how the Italians love their flowers. What we are going to consider in this blog, is if each city in […]

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