Lovely red and white Christmas bouquet

10 Amazing Christmas Bouquet Ideas

As Christmas gets closer everything starts getting a lot more festive. A Christmas Bouquet are no exception and like at any time of the year an arrangement for flowers has its own distinct feel when it comes to the changing seasons and festivals. Incorporating elements like pine, holly and traditional Christmas decorations they’re bright, bold […]

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Poinsettia with Christmas lights

Poinsettia: The Christmas Flower

For some reason Christmas isn’t always imagined as a time for flowers. Due to the December cold many flowers don’t bloom outside and we tend to put more focus on winter foliage like pine, mistletoe and holly. However, there’s one big exception when it comes to Christmas flowers in the shape of the humble poinsettia. […]

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Vibrant Christmas wicker basket with candy cane champagne and presents

What to Put in Your Homemade Christmas Basket

Christmas time is coming, and if you haven’t already started, you’re going to want to begin planning your Christmas shopping. We recently wrote on our blog about how to make and arrange your own gift basket, but today we’re going to focus on things that you can make to put into your own homemade Christmas […]

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Background of pink flowers

What do Pink Flowers Symbolise?

For many people there’s nothing quite as glorious as a stunning bouquet of pink flowers whatever the occasion. However, in our continuing look into the world of floriology you’ll see that the symbology of pink flowers carries its own specific messages. When and why you send beautiful pink roses or lilies can make a big impact. Pink […]

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Christmas tree with Flowers

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree with Flowers

Christmas time is coming and while most people draw the line at bringing a live tree into the house, we have a few tips for adding even more nature to your Christmas decor. Over the last couple of years more and more people have been sharing their bold and beautiful floral Christmas tree ideas and […]

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Man carrying giant bouquet of roses

The Meaning of Roses by Number – Part 2

Last time in our feature on the numerology of roses, we went as far as bouquets of 20 roses. Today we go beyond that looking at what the most extravagant and numerous arrangements of these flower favourites say to your lucky recipient. Starting with: 25 Roses If you send someone 25 roses then you are […]

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Bag of black friday sales shopping

8 Of Our Best Deals for Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly here with its customary crazy deals and shopping scrums in department stores. With Christmas bearing down on us faster than we would like at this time of year and so many gifts to arrange before the holiday season and so little time between Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas it’s easy to […]

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Christmas gift basket full of food and wine

How to Make a Gift Basket

There’s no better luxury present than a thoughtful gift basket at this time of year. Filled with luxury treats and beautifully presented it’s a surprise that gives an extra touch of class and kindness. What you may not know is that it’s something you can very easily create yourself. You might wonder what goes into […]

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FloraQueen florists preparing roses

Ask Aureli: Why are Flowers Expensive?

Like most of our customers and flower lovers in the world, you have probably asked yourself “why are flowers expensive?”. This is a question we spent some time answering on this blog recently but, today we bring you a little more detail from one of our own experts. We interviewed Aureli Nieto, Director of Production […]

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