What Do Your Valentine’s Day Roses Say About You?

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The celebration of love might be a reason of stress for most of us. We are trying relentlessly to find the best presents for our loved ones, and a bouquet of fresh, beautiful roses is a traditional gesture. However, have you considered that colors have particular meanings?

Merely choosing some roses might not be the best option. Of course, going for a bunch of red roses might become tiresome at some point. If you want to let your loved one know how much she means to you, you need to consider diversifying the colors. Love is rarely straightforward, and it is time to choose different colors to let them know your feelings. In the following lines, we have a created a closer look at roses’ colors meaning, such as:

* What Is Floriography
* What Do Different Colors Mean
* What Other Flowers Can We Offer on Valentine’s Day

What Is Floriography

We are starting with a short introduction of floriography. While most people might be convinced that flowers are simply a gift, experts reached a consensus that each flower has its own meaning, and it works the same way with different colors.

Floriography became popular in the Victorian era. It means “the language of flowers,” and that is when it started to become common knowledge that flowers are not merely a gift, but they convey secret meanings and symbols. People considered that meanings were transmitted through the manner of flower delivery, the floral arrangement, color, and type of flowers presented in the bouquet. These could make all the difference between sending your love or sending an apology.

We all know that roses are a symbol of love. However, love can be expressed in different forms – we can love someone as a friend, or we can have a romantic interest. The color of the flower gives different meanings.

What Do Different Colors Mean

Let’s have a look below to check what options we have when it comes to roses and what they mean. This might also help you get inspired and send a unique present this year:

Red roses are an old classic. They convey the traditional love symbol, and no other flower or color sends this message louder or clearer. They are often offered to people in a romantic relationship and send a message of love, respect, courage, and beauty. A bouquet of red roses that is paired with a beautiful message or a box of chocolates is a path to an excellent present for Valentine’s Day.

If you want to be different this year, you can choose white roses. They are a symbol of purity and innocence, but also true love and reverence. They can be a great alternative to the traditional red roses, and they are most suitable for married people, especially when you want to change from the classic red roses.

If you send someone yellow roses, make sure this person is a friend. This is because yellow symbolizes friendship, joy, remembrance, and a “welcome back.” If your friend has a birthday or has a new achievement, a bouquet of fresh yellow roses can send the best wishes.

Pink roses are at the borderline between romance and friendship. You can send these pink flowers to send a message of elegance, grace, and even admiration and appreciation. They are gentle flowers that can be suitable for your sweetheart or a very close friend.

If you love someone secretly and haven’t dared to let her know about your feelings, a bouquet of blue roses can be the perfect gift. They are not naturally blue, so they are often associated with intrigue and mystery.

Peach roses are a true symbol of intimacy and privacy. They are delicate, beautiful, and can show your appreciation for someone else. They are also suitable for a friend, especially if you want to show your gratitude.

On a similar note, orange roses are a bit curious, but unlike peach roses, they symbolize passion and enthusiasm.

White and red roses can be offered to your significant one, especially in the early stages of a relationship. This color combination is a symbol of unity, and they are a popular choice for weddings for this reason.

For a unique touch, you can choose different roses and mix them in an exquisite bouquet. You can choose pink, red, and white roses and show your significant one that you can come up with a present as unique as your love.

What Other Flowers Can We Offer on Valentine’s Day?

If you feel like you want to break free from the traditional red roses, you can also check out the following ideas that can help you get inspired:

* You can send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. This shows that you pay attention to her likes and shows that you are considerate. If you are unsure of what she likes best, you can choose a vibrant bouquet with mixed flowers.
* Go for a rainbow bouquet of roses. While they are not natural, they are certainly unique.
* Orchids, daffodils, and tulips can also be excellent choices for Valentine’s Day. You can simply start with her favorite color and choose a bouquet to match her preferences.

Lastly, you might want to add a little extra – whether it is a teddy bear or a box of chocolates, these are both all-time favorites. The best Valentine’s Day gift comes from the heart, so choose what you believe might fit her preferences the best. Make sure you do not purchase the Valentine’s Day flowers too early, as they can become wilted and undoubtedly lifeless. As long as you make sure you have a smile on your face, and pair them with a heartfelt message, your Valentine is definitely impressed.

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