Discover the sweetest plans to enjoy Valentine’s Day

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You’ve probably already started seeing hearts everywhere you look: in stores, on the metro, on social media… bit by bit the streets fill with gift suggestions for Valentine’s Day, reminding us how important it is to celebrate love in a special way

Whether or not you’re one of those people who celebrate the Day of Love, you can’t deny that on these cold Winter days, we could all do with a bit of warmth. Which is why we at FloraQueen want to give you some ideas of how to get the most out of this date with whoever you wish. And all these plans we’ve drawn up revolve around one delicious treat: chocolate!

Because chocolate is that magic ingredient capable of brightening anyone’s day. It’s been proven that cacao helps generate endorphins, those “natural happiness agents” that contribute to a good mood and fill us with energy. 

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas (and you love chocolate as much as we do), take a look at our scrumptious proposals:

Book a chocotherapy session

Planes para San Valentín con chocolate

Chocotherapy is ‘in’, and there’s no surprise there: if a classic massage is relaxing, imagine how it feels when they spread chocolate all over your body! Treatments with chocolate help release tension and reduce stress while also toning and firming the skin. Do you really need any more excuses to try this experience?

Sign up for a chocolate workshop

Planes para San Valentín con chocolate

There’s nothing as enjoyable as taking pleasure in something you’ve made yourself. Which is why more and more workshops are allowing us to explore the world of cacao and become master chocolatiers, making our own chocolates and bars. Who said chocolate workshops were just for kids?

Give yourself a gourmet treat

Chocolates are delicacies rarely given as gifts. Why not take advantage of this date to sweeten your loved one’s day? Now is the perfect moment to offer a chocolatey detail, as you’ll find the most varied array of sizes and shapes. These creamy pieces of craftsmanship will always be a hit! 

If you’d like to give chocolate with a romantic added touch, take a look at our Valentine’s Day flower bouquets. We’ve put together an exclusive catalogue with the sweetest accessories specially designed for the day of love.

Organise a trip to Switzerland, the cradle of chocolate

Planes para San Valentín con chocolate

Are you looking for an unforgettable gift for your chocoholic partner? Don’t give it a second thought: Switzerland is your next destination. This country is a veritable chocolate paradise, where you’ll find interactive visits to the Cailler or Lindt chocolate factories (with tasting session included), and even a trip on the chocolate train! Who could possibly resist?

Make a yummy homemade cup of hot chocolate

Planes para San Valentín con chocolate

All you need is five minutes, a bar of dessert chocolate, milk, corn starch, sugar and a pinch  of salt. Heat up the milk in a saucepan, add the chocolate and, when it starts to melt, add a little bit of corn-starch, sugar and salt until you get the taste you prefer. Finally, curl up on the sofa with that special someone and enjoy a good film!!

And that’s all our Valentine’s Day proposals. Have you chosen the one for you already? We hope so!

From FloraQueen we wish you an unforgettable Day of Love and, above all, that you never cease to find reasons to surprise the people you love most ♥

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