Why You Should Always Order Valentine’s Flowers In Advance

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Late January and early February is a pretty busy time for florists as Valentine’s Day nears. Of course, with such an increase in demand florists don’t always have enough flowers or time to create bouquets for everyone. Getting a Valentine’s Day bouquet requires a bit of forward planning. However, there’s one simple trick that rarely fails and that is to order Valentine’s flowers in advance.

We’ve all heard stories of last-minute escapades to get a bouquet or gift in time for the big day. However, no one really wants to be in that position. Rushing around your local florists (or worse gas stations or supermarkets) isn’t most people’s idea of fun. It only leads to extra stress, cost and often sub-par bouquets.

We’re going to tell you all you need to know about ordering flowers online in advance to help you enjoy the most stress-free Valentine’s Day experience ever.

Reserve the freshest bouquets

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Every florist is going to be busy in the days leading up to February 14. When purchasing and reserving Valentine’s Day flowers it’s better to get ahead of the rush. Florists always operate on a first come first served basis during busy times.

If you order in advance it will guarantee that your order should arrive in time and that your bouquet will be composed of the freshest flowers. It doesn’t matter if you’re ordering online flowers or buying flowers directly from your local florist. The earlier you order the fresher the bouquet you receive will be.

What we recommend: Reserve early when ordering flowers to be at the front of the queue when the florist prepares your bouquet.

Get the flowers you know your partner will love

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You can be sure of one thing, almost everyone is going to be buying roses during the run-up to February 14th. This is no exception when it comes to online flower delivery.

If your partner prefers other flowers than roses then you shouldn’t have as much to worry about. However, if only roses will do it’s better to get them sooner than later. Prices of roses surge just before the 14th. Additionally, the roses you can buy on Valentine’s Day itself have probably come out of cold storage so won’t last as long.

What we recommend: If you want to order roses for Valentine’s Day, order them earlier.

Save money by avoiding surcharges

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Last minute deliveries are invariably more expensive. Rushing a bouquet to someone requires extra resources and effort from the already busy florists and that obviously incurs a cost. Ordering early avoids this as a florist can plan ahead accordingly.

However, that’s not the only saving you might enjoy. We like many other companies offer special gifts and free extras for those who plan ahead. Be sure to check our website in the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day to enjoy some very special offers.

What we recommend: Order your Valentine’s flowers 7 days or more in advance of the day itself.

Avoid disappointment and stress

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No one enjoys last minute shopping. It’s especially tricky just before Valentine’s Day if you’re trying to pick a meaningful floral design to impress your sweetheart. Ordering your bouquet in advance and delivering a little before Valentine’s Day itself is a trick that can really pay off.

Buying flowers online makes it easy to order in just a few clicks and have everything reserved. Also if you deliver earlier your extra fresh flowers which might arrive a little closed will be able to fully bloom.

What we recommend: Try sending your bouquet at least 3 days before your delivery date. Try to avoid delivering on February 14 itself.

With a few simple steps, you can create the perfect Valentine’s surprises without the stress or the costs you might expect. Valentine’s Day is about love and shouldn’t be a date we fear after all.

We’re here to help you make Valentine’s Day 2019 the most romantic ever with our beautiful selection of bouquets. Our Valentine’s collection is full of bouquets and gift sets to get hearts pounding on February 14th.

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