Discover the Most Surprising Things to Do on Valentine’s Day with Your Girlfriend

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Every year it’s the same question about Valentine’s Day gifts for your girlfriend: how to make an original surprise for Valentine’s Day? Today, you should learn about the most unusual activities that you can do together for the lovers’ day. If you need inspiration and are still wondering about the things you plan to do on this particular day, whether an excursion for two, a dinner at a restaurant, a night in a luxury hotel, we help you to make this day worth remembering. Would you like to have a romantic and unforgettable trip? You can always take the time to say “I love you” to your loved one or to spend incredible moments together.

We aren’t saying that offering earrings isn’t cute. Still, we advise you to create everlasting memories for Valentine’s Day rather than collecting things, buying objects she doesn’t enjoy, or can end up getting bored with.

As you read this, you can discover the following:

* How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day
* Fun Activities at Home
* Thoughtful Surprises Away from Home

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

“Darling, put your coat on, I’m taking you for a ride! That’s how this little original and romantic surprise begins. Select an essential place to your “couple mythology”: the location of your first kiss, the church where you got married, the restaurant where he proposed to you, the hospital where your first child was born, and go back there for a romantic stroll. Emotions and thrills are guaranteed. To make the moment even more magical, you can, for example, blindfold her all the way there, organize a picnic on the spot, take photos together and, most importantly, have fun bringing the past to life.

On Valentine’s Day, we don’t necessarily have time for a mega-surprise. Luckily, it is possible to add a little magic into a seemingly ordinary evening. Therefore, if you’ve chosen to stay quietly at home on February 14th, why not add a few important details to make this evening unforgettable? A few ideas:

* Organize a picnic in the living room by setting up a large tablecloth on the floor, full of candles, incense, and soft music. For a warm and lovely atmosphere, opt for a romantic playlist with natural sounds.
* Dress remarkably for dinner: in underwear, pajamas, evening dress, or a funny disguise. Don’t hesitate to take out clothes you haven’t worn for years.
* Sleep in an unusual place: on a bed of cushions in the middle of the living room, in a sleeping bag on the terrace (only if it is heated, of course), or in the guest room.

How about a different kind of “first time” on Valentine’s Day? The idea is to do something totally new together to create unforgettable memories. Here are some ideas:

* Going to sing in a karaoke bar
* Spend an evening at the opera
* Go for a night hike
* Entering a love store
* Prepare a cake together (level of difficulty: it depends on the cake. If it’s a yogurt cake, that’s fine. If it’s a molecular raspberry, mango espuma, or chocolate cromesquis, it’s complicated).

Fun Activities at Home

* Watch a list of movies together. Prepare a selection of romantic comedies, horror movies, thrillers, or drama: you know her taste; your goal is to personalize your choices as much as possible.
* On a daily basis, if she often complains about your choice of films in the evening in front of the TV, show her that this gift is a way of entrusting her with the helm of the boat! To make your selection: “Film de lovers” should provide you with some good movies to consider.
* Massages on all floors: You can also offer to your dear and tender one relaxing massages, toning, Japanese massage: everything exists in the universe of massage.
* Reserving a massage session for her is good. Booking a session for a massage for two is even better for sharing. However, if you want to go even further, you can learn how to massage, and offer her this experience at home!
* You can also ask her out for dinner at an expensive restaurant in your area. Take a look at the best restaurants on Tripadvisor, and break your bank to make your lady dream for Valentine’s Day. We are not telling you it’s a stupid idea, but there are better things to do, especially if the budget is tight. You can choose between a caterer and a restaurant that prepares a good meal for you both at an affordable price. Surprisingly, you can go behind the stove and make her favorite meal. Small attentions are beautiful!

Thoughtful Surprises Away from Home

Spend a romantic weekend: When it comes to weekend gifts, you should plan essential things, such as visiting the most famous museums/exhibitions in the city, and also plan free time for other things. The goal: to sail from surprise to surprise! The choice is vast: Venice and its carnival, Amsterdam and its canals, Marseille, Nice, or Corsica for a bit of sun, Lisbon, or Marrakech to mount the thermostat.

Extreme sports for sportswomen: We like the gossip girls, but we also like Crossfit champions, parachutists, martial arts experts, runners, horsewomen, and dancers, all those who are not afraid to sweat!

For the most daredevils: skydiving, driving cars on a circuit, paragliding, diving, white water sports, surfing courses for two, you have a wide choice!

Take a walk in a magical place: If you live near a forest, lake, beach or the sea, take a romantic walk there. Go in the morning and take a walk in the magical nature. Tell each other about the best moments you have had as a couple. Also prepare a picnic and have a romantic meal together. Do not forget the candles.

Going to the theatre or the opera: A lot of people think that theatres and operas are romantic. They have beautiful music; beautiful sets and you can use them to show off your best clothes and make yourself even more attractive and elegant to your sweetheart.

Go to the skating rink: An afternoon at the ice rink can be very romantic if you make an effort. Invite your sweetheart there and skate hand in hand. Often ice rinks will have romantic music for couples in love on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you still don’t have an idea of what to do as a couple? Discover our list that should help you with your decision. The most important thing is not the idea, the place, or the activity but the efforts you put into making it romantic. Don’t hesitate to show your love and talk about your best memories as a couple.

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