Curious facts about Valentine’s Day. With an infographic!

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Did you know that more than half of the women would end a relationship if they don’t receive a present on Valentine’s Day? This is documented on the Valentine’s Day Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey carried out by Retail Advertising and Marketing Association and published by Statistics Brain. According to the data collected, the average amount spent in this romantic date is over 13 billion dollars. Also, 198,000,000 roses are produced for this day and 180 million cards are exchanged.

Do you want to know more interesting and surprising facts about Valentine’s Day? Keep reading and you will know which are the most popular gifts, who usually buys them, what do men and women prefer, etc., among many other facts that will surely inspire you to start thinking about the Valentine’s Day for your partner. Also, we have prepared a very visual infographic so you can have all the information you need at a glance. Do you want to see it? Scroll down!

Curious facts about Valentine’s Day

Average amount of money spent

Well, in some countries, the average amount spent on gifts for Valentine’s Day… goes over 100 dollars! In most places in the world, men spend twice as much as women in gifts for February 14th.

What are the most popular gifts?

Can you guess which gifts are the most popular for Valentine’s Day? You guessed it! The most popular gifts are cards (52%), sweets and chocolates (47%), flowers (34%) and jewelry (17%).

Of course, there is also people who offer a romantic dinner or meal in a luxurious restaurant (35%) and people who prefer offering some clothes (14%).

What do men and women give?

Men offer 73% of all the flowers, while women prefer giving cards. In fact, they offer 85% of all the cards sold for Valentine’s Day.

As well as cards with personalized dedications, women also tend to give their partners boxes of chocolates and sweets, a dinner out, some aftershave, flowers and games for the console or the computer.

On the other hand, men also choose to treat their partners on this day with a box of chocolates, perfumes, a romantic dinner in a special place, and bottles of champagne or sparkling wine.

“I don’t want anything for Valentine’s Day”. True or false?

If your partner is one of the many who repeats hundreds of times not to give them anything for Valentine’s Day, they may be trying to send you the opposite message. It is proven that only 25% of the people who claim not wanting to receive any gift on February 14th really mean it.

Because, who doesn’t want to feel special and loved in such a day? In fact, in the Unites States, 1 of every 7 women send themselves flowers on Valentine’s Day. Loving oneself and making oneself a gift by sending home-delivered flowers is a great idea. Love begins at home!

Differences by age. Who gives more?

It might be logical that people of a certain age, due to their higher purchasing power and economic stability, spend more on Valentine’s Day than the young people. But the truth is that adults under 35 spend almost 50% more on gifts for Valentine’s Day than those over 35. Is it because from that age on romanticism fades out? We hope not!

Do you want to marry me?

According to data from the United Kingdom, 22% of English women think that Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for their partners to take a knee and pop out a beautiful ring from their pocket while they wait for the answer “Yes, I do!”. However, only 14% of English men agree with the idea that Valentine’s Day is the perfect moment to propose to someone.

Among all the facts about Valentine’s Day we have told you, which one has surprised you the most? Are you one of the people who send themselves flowers? Are you planning on proposing to your partner on February 14th? After this flood of romantic data, you have no longer an excuse not to give the love of your life a special gift on Valentine’s Day. Flowers, chocolates, champagne, cards, what are you going to choose?

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