The Most Romantic Messages That Will Impress on Valentine’s Day

Single rose with I love you message

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There is nothing more likely to set your true love’s heart aflame than a sweet romantic message to accompany your bouquet on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the perfect way to say so many things without words, however by adding a thoughtful message to your delivery card or note, you’re sure to dazzle your recipient in a way unlike any other.

When preparing the perfect romantic surprise only the best, most heart-melting messages will do. To help out and in keeping with our theme of love songs for Valentine’s Day, we’ve selected a collection of the most romantic song lyrics that you can use as inspiration for your own loving messages.

Here are our top suggestions:

Song lyric Bryan Adams

The words of Bryan Adams add an existential quality to love and the powerful hold it takes over our lives. If you do everything you do to shower your special someone with love then these are the kind of words to share.

Song lyric Beyoncé rose petals

It’s clear to see that Beyoncé is well and truly experienced in the most passionate form of love. Let her words from Crazy in Love guide you to the perfect message from the wildest side of romance.

Song Lyric Beyonce red roses

Miguel is pretty clear that the simple things are enough for him, and if you have a love that revels in it’s delight of the simplest things and the joy of just being together then this is the message for you.

Song Lyric Shawn Mendes

Shawn Mendes may be only 19 and a Kid in Love but he has some pretty inspiring things to say about romance that show wisdom beyond his years.

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White flowers Alicia Keys lyrics

Alicia Keys Fallin’ carries with it a little bit of that feeling you get sometimes when you’re in love, of being on a rollercoaster of emotion. If you’ve fallen in love this deeply then be sure to say it on Valentine’s Day.

We hope these excerpts give you some inspiration to wow your Valentine and make their heart sing on Wednesday. Whatever message you choose to accompany your gifts on Valentine’s Day we’d like to wish you a romantic and happy day on the 14th.

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