How to survive Valentine’s Day if you are single

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Are you definitely be single on Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Every year, approximately 60 million people around the world do not have a partner on Valentine’s Day. As you can see, there are many people who cannot enjoy a romantic Valentine’s Day with a partner.

In fact, there are a lot of alternative ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you are not in love.  For this reason, we bring for you today in the blog the ideal plans so that you can do also do something special on this day. Are you ready to see what you will do on the best Valentine’s Day of your life? Keep reading!

Meal with single friends



Organise a meal with all your single friends in that marvelous restaurant you all love. If you are a big group, it’s even better! You will have more gossips and stories to share and avoid those lovers that probably will be eating there at the same time. Your lively conversations and laughter will be the perfect protection if love is in the air. What are you waiting for?

Buy tons of chocolate



Did you know that eating chocolate produces a real sense of well-being? Thanks to its content in phenethylamine, a neurotransmitter which causes a release of oxytocin, the pleasure hormone, and endorphins, the euphoria hormone. Therefore, eating chocolate leads to a rush of satisfaction and happiness.

Moreover, (almost) everyone likes chocolate and you can find it in any possible format: bar, cake, ice cream, truffles, dark, white, milk, hot and many others.

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Pamper yourself

There must be something you want for a long time and you  still haven’t bought. Maybe because you are trying to save money, maybe because you consider it’s something beautiful but useless, maybe because you have already something similar or you know you will feel remorse afterwards. Don’t feel guilty! Everything to pamper yourself on Valentine’s Day is worth it if you don’t have a partner, so do not think more about it and just get that dress, that jewel or that fragrance that you so much desire.

Try out something new




Why not use Valentine’s Day to do some activity you have never done before? For the bravest ones this can be a good moment to practise risk-taking sports such as skydiving or rafting. Those who are not so daring can try out skating or rollerblading. And if sports are definitely not your thing, there are thousands of new things you can try out. For example, an easy recipe like a whipped cream and strawberries cake, a new nail colour, more shining and attractive, or even a first class of guitar or Japanese.

Spend your time with your loved ones



We are talking about pets! Animals love you unconditionally every day of the year, no matter who you are. That’s why Valentine’s Day is a great moment  to have a good time with those furry friends that make us so happy. You can go for a walk to the beach or the mountains with your dog, or play with your cat and its mouse toy. In any case, pet and hug them as much as you can. Your pet will always be faithful!

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Avoid meeting with couples

Of course, you should be happy for them, but it doesn’t mean you have to share their happiness every day of the year, and specially not on Valentine’s Day! They will only demonstrate you how much they love each other and you will feel all  alone.

Prepare the perfect night at home




To spend the best Valentine’s evening at home, you just need a combination of the points mentioned above. Buy candies, ice cream, chocolates and all the sweets you love most. Invite some single friends who want some company on Valentine’s Day (remember, avoid couples!) Put on that pair of trousers or that watch you just bought and, while you wait for your guests, go to the kitchen and prepare a delicious dish, some that none of you have ever tasted before. What do you feel like eating? Thai food? Mexican? Jamaican? Be brave!

Once getting together at home and having the special dish of the evening, plan something you really like: watch your favourite film with popcorn, play a new videogame, sing karaoke until you lose your voice or just gossip all night long having drinks.


After finding out all these ideas, you won’t have any problem surviving Valentine’s Day being single. What are your plans? What’s your favourite chocolate? What’s the name of your pet? Tell us in the comments, we are all ears!