What Colour Roses To Send On Valentine’s Day


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The tradition of celebrating Valentine’s Day is steeped in legend. The most familiar story is about the priest, St. Valentine, who was martyred in the third century for marrying young couples against the emperor’s decree. While stories have changed over the years, the primary colours for flowers have remained the same.

Below is a brief guide to the meanings of different coloured roses. It will help you decide which colour roses to send this Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses:  Nothing says I love you more than a dozen red roses (and if you really want to get this message across then, yes, it does have to be a dozen). Traditionally, red roses are symbolic of true love and are the flowers most associated with Valentine’s Day. Anyone receiving these on February 14th can be sure they have a secret (or perhaps, not so secret) admirer.

Pink Roses: Pink roses are a safe choice to send to someone who you haven’t shared the ‘L’ word with. Just as romantic a gesture as giving red roses but without the depth of sentiment. Pink roses show a caring and committed side to your relationship but without the full love and passion of red roses.

White Roses: White roses are perfect for giving to a friend. If you care about someone and wish to show this, perhaps a person who you know maybe dreading Valentine’s Day, this is a lovely gesture to make sure they feel loved on this day, even if it is just a friendly token of affection.

Yellow Roses: Yellow roses are like white roses: perfect for sending to a friend or family member who may feel a little glum around Valentine’s Day and would love a little pick me up. Yellow roses are also a great colour for pairing up with other shades to create a stunning bouquet.

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Mixed Rose Bouquets: Of course you don’t have to stick with roses. If your Valentine has a preferred flower then sending a bouquet of these will send the message loud and clear that you know exactly what they like and actually take notice of these things. As with the white roses, a mixed bouquet can send out the friendly message that you are thinking about someone on Valentine’s Day, especially if that person is in another location.

A bouquet of any flowers sent to someone on Valentine’s Day will send a clear message that you are thinking about them. Whether you choose a passionate red, a lustful pink or a friendly white – you are still sending a strong message with your colour choices. If you are unsure then a mixed bouquet will cover all corners. Don’t be afraid to ask your florist for advice either. An experienced florist will have many years of know-how in dealing with unsure partners and what they should send someone on Valentine’s Day!

Of course, you don’t have to just send flowers, why not send the flowers with a bottle of Champagne or chocolates? The perfect celebration for Valentine’s Day and of course this gives the receiver the option of wanting to share them with you!