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It is Valentine’s Day again, the time and season for love. Once again, you have another opportunity to express your heartfelt wishes to the object of your desire. You can amaze and enchant the one you love by sending a stunning selection of flowers. It is common knowledge that roses are the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and you can choose from our available options including a mixed rose bouquet or a single color rose arrangement. In addition to this, you can have roses delivered in customized vases or add special gifts.

In this article, you can learn important details about roses for Valentine’s Day including the following:

Valentine’s Day Roses

Whenever Valentine’s Day approaches, we know that star-struck lovers often go into a state of great excitement. This is because you want to express your affection for the object of your desire in the best way possible. FloraQueen can advise you, and one of the best ways of doing this is to send a bouquet to your loved one.

We are ready and able to guide you in making the right selection of roses for Valentine’s Day. Roses symbolize the adoration you have within your heart for your lover. Once you choose the right combination, you put a smile on the face of your loved one.

FloraQueen is at your service, and we can help you to send flowers to someone you love dearly.

How to Select Roses for Valentine’s Day

FloraQueen offers you a wide range of Valentine’s Day roses. However, it is essential to know that the color of rose you select conveys a message on its own. Think carefully because you want to make the best impact and leave a lasting impression.

You need to first think about the depth and intensity of the feeling you have for your lover. This can serve as a guide on how to convey your emotions to the recipient of your Valentine’s Day roses. What you express via the roses carries a meaning and triggers a corresponding feeling in the heart of your sweetheart. Roses come in a variety of colors and have corresponding meanings attached to those colors. Therefore, the best way to select Valentine’s Day Roses for your dearest is to choose colors with meanings that convey the emotions you want to express to them.

The Meanings of the Colors of Roses Given on Valentine’s Day

The rose is a symbol of love, and all roses have meanings attached to them. Here’s what the colors mean:

  • Red Roses: symbolic of love, beauty, and affection
  • White Roses: symbolic of undying devotion, innocence, purity, and weddings
  • Pink Roses: symbolic of an admiration, happiness and gentleness
  • Purple Roses: symbolic of enchantment
  • Lavender (close to purple) colored Roses: symbolic of regal majesty and splendor
  • Yellow Roses: symbolic of friendship
  • Orange Roses: symbolic of passion, desire, and fascination
  • Red/White Rose Combination: symbolic of unity and togetherness
  • Peach colored Roses: symbolic of intimacy
  • Red-tipped Yellow Rose: symbolic of a new relationship or just falling in love
  • Blue Roses: symbolic of the unattainable
  • Green Roses: symbolic of harmony, opulence, fertility, peace, and tranquility
  • Black Roses: symbolic of the death of a relationship 

The Significance of the Number of Roses Given as Valentine’s Day Gifts

Another essential aspect of Valentine’s Day Roses is the number of rose flowers provided. The numbers are significant and have meanings attached to them.

  • One rose or a single stem: a single stem expresses the idea that “this is a simple fact- you are the only one” while a single rose shows the idea “exceptional love, or you are still the one, or love at first sight.”
  • Two roses express the idea of “mutual love and affection.”
  • 10 roses: represents the idea “you are perfection.”
  • 12 roses: expresses the idea “be mine.”
  • 13 roses: expresses the idea, “you are my secret lover.”
  • 15 roses: expresses the idea, “I am sorry.”
  • 36 roses: expresses the idea, “my heart belongs to you.”
  • 999 roses: expresses the idea “endless love.”


What is the Most Popular Color of Rose to Give on Valentine’s Day?

Red roses are the most popular flowers as well as the most popular color of rose gifted to loved ones for Valentine’s Day.

What are the Names of Popular Flowers Given to Lovers on Valentine’s Day?

Popular flowers given to lovers on Valentine’s Day include pink roses, red roses, orchids, tulips, violets, daisies, daffodils, and azaleas.

Why do we Give our Lovers Roses for Valentine’s Day?

We give our lovers roses for Valentine’s Day because it has been customary to do so for decades and decades. It expresses our innermost feelings and desires for them. This is primarily love and affection but includes other emotions such as admiration, respect, and devotion. The various tints and variants further serve to highlight the depth of the feelings. This could be an intense longing and passionate desire.


At FloraQueen, we know through our experience in working with numerous clients that your sweetheart means a lot to you. We choose to support you in whatever way we can at FloraQueen by advising you on the right type of Valentine’s Day roses to give.

Why not call us now, and we can counsel you on how to get the best results? FloraQueen can put at your disposal our combined experience, expertise, and intellect garnered over decades. Take advantage of our network of highly trained, qualified, and motivated staff so we can help you achieve your dreams. We can ensure that you have the most memorable and unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

We deliver your orders worldwide through our centers and offices strategically located all over the globe. We can and do deliver your Valentine’s Day roses on time and at your time.

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