The Meaning and Symbolism Behind Yellow Roses

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Roses are one of the most popular and iconic flowers in the world. Well known for their rich red color, they also come in colors like white, purple, pink, and yellow- all with their own meanings. So, if you want to learn more about the symbolism behind yellow roses, keep reading for some interesting facts!

This is specifically what you will learn about in this article:

– the symbolism of yellow roses

– the history of this type of flower

– different occasions that are perfect for yellow roses

– reasons to buy yellow roses

The Symbolism of Yellow Roses

Yellow brings about a cheery and joyful nature to the rose. Like the sun, it conveys warmth and happiness, so it is no wonder that yellow roses primarily represent friendship. In the past, these flowers were used to represent jealousy, but overtime they came to represent something much happier.

In addition to friendship, yellow roses can send a message of joy, caring, and affection to whoever the recipient may be. So, if you want to send a gift that says, “welcome back” or “good luck,” then yellow roses are perfect!

Overall, this brightly colored flower is a cheerful adaptation of its highly popular red version. Its color alone has the power to brighten up anyone’s day. Therefore, yellow roses are perfect for special occasions or for friends to whom you just want to say, “I’m thinking about you.

The History of Yellow Roses

Roses are said to be about 35 million years old. Since then, this flower has made its way into culture all over the world. Roses were not cultivated for gardens until about 5,000 years ago. During those earlier times, this flower had been grown mainly in the Middle East and was used for decoration, confetti, and medicinal use. Roses were popularized during the Roman empire as members of the upper class would establish public rose gardens that showed off this beautiful flower. Once the fall of the Roman empire occurred, the popularity of roses fluctuated between time periods.

Roses were beloved so much in the 17th century that they were used as a form of payment. But it was in the late 18th century that the entire world was introduced to the modern rose that we all love today. These flowers were able to bloom year after year for longer periods of time. With these cultivated roses, the world was able to enjoy the flower for longer periods each blooming season.

Although white and pink roses were the first colors that roses exhibited, yellow roses became very well known throughout Europe and the rest of the world when they were discovered growing as wildflowers in the Middle East. There were many different shades of yellow that allowed for creativity in hybridization. Upon the discovery of yellow roses, Europeans fell in love and this color rose became extremely popular.

Europeans, particularly the French and Dutch, became so interested in the hybridization of roses, that the number of species of roses increased tremendously in the 18th century. There came to be many different colors and many different styles to this beautiful flower. Now, thanks to the many years of cultivation, the modern rose possesses the sweet fragrance that it is known for. Originally, the rose did not have very much of a smell. Today, its fragrance is one of its popular features.

In Victorian times, yellow roses were symbols of jealousy and would be sent to people accusing them of betrayal of infidelity. Luckily, this symbolism has changed overtime and now, yellow roses are associated with happiness and friendship.

Today, roses are widely known as a symbol of love and affection. They are popularly grown in gardens and have commonly been found in bouquets and floral arrangements for special occasions. In addition, the rose has found itself to be the national flower of many countries like Luxembourg, the United States, and the United Kingdom. While the yellow rose specifically is not the national flower of a country, it still holds a prominent place in floristry and culture.

Different Occasions that are Perfect for Yellow Roses

As symbols of friendship, yellow roses are perfect for occasions that involve friends or family. Their bright color sheds a message of optimism and happiness to whatever room they are in. These roses are perfect for wishing a friend “good luck” or for when a friend needs a little cheering up. Yellow roses can easily spread delight to all its recipients. These flowers are also great messengers of congratulations. They can add a little more positivity to an already joyous occasion.

Some examples of occasions that are perfect for yellow roses include birthdays, graduations, engagements, weddings, the birth of a child, or simply for a fun way to say you are thinking of someone.

Moreover, yellow roses are great for any occasion when you just want to create a little more happiness. Although, they say that you should not give them to woo a romantic interest. Yellow roses are a symbol of platonic friendship. However, these flowers are so pretty and versatile, that they can be used for whatever occasion your heart desires.

Reasons to Buy Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are gorgeous flowers that everyone can appreciate. Their color alone can instantly brighten someone’s day as yellow is associated with joy and happy feelings. Yellow is always the perfect color for good times and cheerful sentiments. These roses also have the signature fresh fragrance, thanks to years of hybridization and cultivation. So, not only do yellow roses have the power to brighten up a room, they also have the power to spread its fresh aroma.

Overall, yellow roses, while not the most popular colored rose, are still deserving of attention. The captivating color is so cheerful that everyone feels better just by looking at the flowers. Yellow roses are versatile when it comes to the occasion in which they are being presented. Perfect for any fun and joyful occasion, they can spread a little warmth and positivity anywhere.

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