The meaning of flowers in our dreams

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We spend a third of our lives asleep, that’s a lot of time spent dreaming, reflecting on our waking life! Dreams aren’t just random, they come from memories, both recent and distant. Did you know that we don’t create any of the images we see in our dreams? Every face that we see, every building or landscape is something that we have seen before, even if everything is a bit out of context! In this blog we are going to talk about the meaning of flowers in our dreams. Flowers can convey all sorts of emotions and in a dream this is no different.

Dreaming of flowers is usually a good thing. After all, flowers are beautiful. As Iris Murdoch said “People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.

If we are dreaming of flowers, we are most likely in a happy place, which is full of nature and all of the most beautiful things in life. So, if we are in a dream and there are flowers all around, we are probably pretty content in our lives, where we don’t have other, less positive thoughts running through our minds. However, seeing flowers in our dreams can have a deeper meaning than this. So, we are going to look at colours and type of flower, as these could provide extra significance to what we are seeing.

Have any of these flowers appeared in your dreams recently?

Different types of flowers in our dreams

blue flowers 

flowers in our dreams blue flower

Blue flowers are said to represent tranquility. Lighter coloured, sky blue flowers represent that you are very calm and on top of everything in your life at that stage. However, if the flower is a dark blue the meaning can change to sadness, and these blue flowers in our dreams are more likely to appear when we are going through a tough time.

red flowers

flowers in our dreams red rose

Seeing red flowers in our dreams could mean a number of things. Of course the most famous red flower is the red rose. If you dreaming of a red rose, this would suggest intense feelings of love towards someone, whether this be a new flame or a long term partner. However, other experts claim that dreaming about a red flower can also represent anger. So it is important to try and understand the context of the dream when you saw the flower. This will help you to work out whether it is suggesting love or rage!

white flowers 

flowers in our dreams white rose

White flowers in our dreams usually appear to represent purity and love. Dreaming of white flowers means that there is little negativity in your life at this moment. Or perhaps you have just watched the Hunger Games and you have President Snow’s palace full of white roses in your mind!

green flowers 

flowers in our dreams green flower

Green is a colour associated with jealously. If you remember seeing green flowers in your dreams, perhaps you are subconsciously jealous of someone. Have a think, and if you are, try and think of why and talk with this person. Having deep down feelings of jealously are never good for our mental wellbeing and getting to the route of this can only be beneficial.


flowers in our dreams orange gerbera

Orange flowers, such as gerberas, simply mean joy and happiness. If you are dreaming of these then you must be in a good mood, without anything to worry you in your sleep!

Dreams exist to filter everything that you experience in your life and process it in your mind. So if you see any type of flower in your dream, it may just be because it stood out to you for its beauty and gave you a happy moment. Whether this be the joyful occasion after opening a flower delivery from a loved one or standing in a field and seeing row after row of colourful tulips.

What we do know, is that if we are dreaming of flowers, it is more likely than not going to a be a pleasant dream. There aren’t many nicer things to think about than a beautiful bouquet of colourful flowers or a singular flower blooming out of the ground. How often do you see flowers in your dreams? 

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