Sunflowers Meaning – What Do Sunflowers Mean When You Send Them As A Surprise?

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Sunny, tall and proud, sunflowers are the perfect summer flower. Aside from this obvious symbolism, what do sunflowers mean when they’re given as a gift? It is our flower of the month for June and has a lot of very handy uses besides brightening a home. Amongst other things, sunflowers signify happiness, joy and strong bonds between friends and lovers alike.

However, that’s not the whole story. Like many other flowers, sunflowers have a broad and varied range of meanings and today we’re going to explore exactly what the message is to your special someone when you send a bouquet of these glorious yellow flowers.

Let’s explore just what Sunflowers mean to your recipient in more detail:


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If you want to wish someone special a long and happy life, there’s no better flower to give than a sunflower. Sunflowers are themselves a long lasting flower (lasting a week – two weeks in the vase when cut) and due to this communicate the desire for longevity in people too. In fact, in Chinese culture members of the imperial family would eat sunflowers to try and gain immortality. This makes sunflowers an ideal gift for a summer wedding, as the happy couple begins their new life together.

Good luck and happiness

sunflowers good luck charms

Another factor that has a big influence on the meaning of sunflowers is the belief (in Chinese culture especially) that they bring good luck. It’s believed that sunflowers are the ideal bloom to fill a home with a sense of safety and good fortune. It make sunflowers a great gift for someone starting a new business or graduating from School or university.

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Adoration and friendship

Friends dancing in sunflower field

Sunflowers are truly a flower of friendship. As we’ve seen before, yellow flowers are an ideal gift to reflect a close bond between friends. However, in the case of sunflowers this is doubly so with the flowers not only reflecting strong bonds between friends and lovers but also family too. It’s a great flower to send someone you admire in your life.


Get well sunflower

Sending someone a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers when recovering from an illness is not only going to raise the spirits of your loved one, but will also communicate a strong message of healing and recovery symbolically. We’ve all heard about the positive health properties of eating sunflower seeds but the sight of the flowers themselves can be of great benefit to a loved one’s recovery. After all, you should never underestimate the good that having flowers around the home can do.


Sunflower against blue sky in summer

If you want to send a gift of encouragement to someone studying for exams or to give them a boost during a big project, then sunflowers are the ideal flower to choose. As if that wasn’t enough, sunflower seeds are considered a great food to improve your focus and are believed to help to improve your brain power.

Whatever the reason you send sunflowers this summer, you can be sure that along with your thoughtful gift you’ll also be sending all these other positive messages that sunflowers communicate. Are sunflowers your favourite flowers of the summer or do you prefer some of the other amazing summer flowers on offer? Let us know in the comments.

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If you want to surprise with sunflowers this year then choose from beautiful selections of dazzling yellow sunflowers paired with roses, carnations and other chic flowers. Find the perfect bouquet today in our sunflower catalogue and send sunflowers to over 100 countries.

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