How Flower Deliveries Could Change In The Next Decade

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Technology is moving faster and faster. Home deliveries have never been a more popular way to receive your purchases and, as a result, companies all over the world are creating new ways to make it quicker and more convenient. That’s why we’re going to look at how flower deliveries could change in the next decade, to see what the future holds for those of you who love receiving fresh flowers right to your door.

Here are a few possible ways home bouquet deliveries could get easier in the future.

Easy Access For Delivery Carriers

No one likes the feeling of coming home to a missed delivery note. Amazon Key is perhaps the answer to that irritation.

The system works with the help of smart locks and cameras. The lock itself features a keypad, (and like everything else Amazon, it works with Alexa too remotely), which allows a delivery person to open your door and leave your package inside your home without even having to ring a doorbell.

While the system is convenient and available to use now, it’s hard to say how comfortable most people will be allowing strangers almost free access to their homes. Whilst Amazon insists the process is secure and that only people who can access your home are people you choose it’s still new technology and questions will be asked about whether anyone could hack it. It’s outside a lot of people’s comfort zone, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Drone Delivery

We all bemoan the fact that the modern world doesn’t contain flying cars as promised by the futurists of days gone by. However, that doesn’t mean the skies of Today are empty of new flying machines. We have drones instead.

You’ve probably already seen or read about Amazon’s Prime Air Delivery service which is being tested out in some locations. The basic principle is that instead ferrying your delivery by road it can be sent quickly by air without the traffic. Amazon even claims that delivery can take as little as 30 minutes.

The drones can carry packages of about 2.3kg. If this method of delivery becomes more commonplace, it’s easy to imagine transporting a fresh bouquet of flowers from the florist to the home of your loved one by drone.

Smart Doors

A lot of concerns about seamless home deliveries is the issue of security. People seem left with a choice of having packages left on a doorstep or giving a delivery driver entry to their home. Both options have obvious security issues. However, a few alternative options exist.

One such of these is the eDor by Strategic innovations which creates a halfway house solution (quite literally) by reimagining doors themselves. Instead of allowing your delivery driver to enter your home unannounced it simply adds a secure box to your front door that the package can be stored within. The courier only needs a mobile phone app e-key to open the box. The storage space is expandable. That way even quite large packages can be stored within and is even climate-controlled for food and/or flower deliveries.

This option looks promising although still needs to be tested more. For some homes, the eDor might be impractical or expensive to implement too. However, from the perspective of flower deliveries, this innovation has a lot of potentials.

Robot Dog Delivery

Continental has a slightly different approach to getting a parcel to your door. Unlike Amazon’s Air delivery service it has a more land-based approach, involving robot dogs. Robotics has come a long long way in the last few years. To the point in fact that Continental was able to create a vision of the future where packages could be delivered by autonomous vehicles carrying a team of robot dogs.

The concept itself feels like a strange futuristic update of your loyal hound fetching a newspaper. In this case, autonomous ANYmal couriers will be able to bring your package to your door or securely place your delivery in a safety box. The whole process from door-to-door is fully automated.

However, it’s easy to wonder if the world is ready for this great leap forward. Dogs may be man’s best friends but there’s, of course, a little suspicion about these metal mutts. From the unsettled reaction to Boston Dynamic’s SpotMini, to the mark left culturally by Black Mirror’s terrifying portrayal of robot dogs maybe it’ll take some time before we feel fully comfortable seeing these on the streets.

As you can see, there are a lot of creative ideas. Who knows if one day these developments will be as normal as a telephone or fridge in your home. Do you think any of these predictions will come true? Let us know in the comments below.

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