How Long Do Flowers Last and How Can We Enjoy A Fresh Bouquet

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Nature always has a beautiful way of adapting and creating life, no matter the circumstances. However, the life that disappears is also part of nature. Just like us, any organism that’s part of this world needs certain conditions in order to survive and evolve. Depending on what type of life you have, on how solicited you are or how healthy your lifestyle is, life can be significantly longer or shorter.

The lifespan of flowers is determined by a vast number of factors, just like in our case. All of us would love to keep the flowers we receive forever; unfortunately, that is not the case. Sometimes, no matter how much we invest in them, some things simply leave us without offering many choices. However, there are a lot of cases when people seem to neglect certain things, and that’s why some parts of our lives never last too long. Flowers need to be taken care of in a proper way if you want to have them for as long as possible. Let’s read more about:

* What types of flowers last longest
* Maintaining a suitable environment for your flowers
* Choosing the right flower food
* How long do flowers last in specific contexts
* Prolonging the life of your flowers

What Types Of Flowers Last Longest

We are very confident that a lot of people ask themselves this question. How can you surely know what type of flower lasts for as much as possible? You can be sure of an increased lifespan for your blooms once you make sure that you treat them right. We leave the process of caring for your flowers for the moment and tell you precisely what flowers live the longest.

Some of the strongest flowers are the zinnias. These flowers are some of the most beautiful in the world since they can have such different and powerful colors. They usually last from 21 to 24 days, depending on how you take care of them. The second ones on our list are carnations; they can bring life and freshness to your space for up to three weeks. Orchids can also last for approximately three weeks. Chrysanthemums are flowers that come with a lot of endurance, as they can spread their scent even for a whole month.

Maintaining A Good Environment For Your Flowers

Think about how a particular environment can affect us negatively and then think about the fact that it’s the same for flowers. If you want your flowers to last, you need to place them in a room that has plenty of light, and that has fresh air. Besides that, make sure to always put flowers in a clean vase with clean water. Even the slightest amount of dirt found on the bottom of the vase can affect flowers a lot if they’re more sensitive. If you want your flowers to last for as long as possible, then make sure that you offer them the proper environment.

It has been scientifically approved that sounds affect plants very much. The way sound affects plants can be in both a positive and negative way. If you want your flowers to last, try to avoid playing your favorite heavy metal albums and try offering them some classic symphonies instead.

Choosing The Right Flower Food

Just as the environment you offer these beautiful, living things, the food you give them also has to be very well chosen. The primary thing plants (including flowers) consume are water and sunlight. However, if you’re looking to offer your flowers more support, you can always purchase some fertilizer or a similar product that’s intended specially for flowers. If you want to keep them in a vase, you can add a little bit of sugar to the water so the plants can grow healthier. Be careful, though; the sugar can also increase the chance of developing bacteria, so you might want to disinfect the water as a last precaution.

How Long Do Flowers Last In Different Spaces

If you’re planning on giving someone flowers and you decide to keep them in your car for a while, that might not be the best choice. On a hot day, leaving flowers in your car can destroy them even in a couple of hours. Transporting them is not that easy; you need to make sure they are in a vase full of water.

Placing your flowers in the fridge can actually make them last longer. As long as you set the correct temperature on your fridge and make sure that the flowers have enough space, putting them in the fridge overnight can make them last longer.

Prolonging the Life Of Your Flowers

Making sure that your flowers last for as long as possible comes with a few responsibilities. The first and most important thing when it comes to flowers is how you cut their stems. Always keep in mind that you have to use a sharp and disinfected blade. On top of that, remember that the best way to cut the stem is at an angle.

If you cut the stem straight and put the flowers in a vase, it’s more than possible for the flower not to be able to get enough water. Another trick to make them last longer is keeping them away from fruits, as they produce ethylene gas that can be very harmful to flowers. Make sure you place them in a friendly environment that has enough sun. Change the water frequently, so bacteria does not start developing in the water. Always try to keep the flowers in a cool environment so that they won’t get affected by high temperatures.

All in all, flowers’ life depends on a few measures we take. It is important to provide fresh water in a clean vase, but also to ensure that the flowers are kept in a cool environment, without being exposed to abundant sunlight.

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