How to Send Flowers to a Funeral

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Death and grief are a fundamental part of life, but also one of the most difficult to bear. It can be tough to support people that you know through such painful times, but there are many ways to show them that you care and are there to support them. Sending flowers to a funeral is a very thoughtful gesture, and it is appreciated by those experiencing grief as a show of support and kindness to them. It is an especially good idea if you cannot make it to a funeral, as a way to show that you are sorry for their loss and your absence. This article covers:

  • How to Send Flowers to a Funeral with a Flower Delivery Service
  • What to Consider When Choosing a Flower Delivery Service
  • How to Choose Flowers to Send to a Funeral

How to Send Flowers to a Funeral with a Flower Delivery Service

Flower delivery services can make it easy and convenient to send flowers to a funeral if you choose to do so. There are many flower delivery services on the market, and many of them offer different features and services. FloraQueen deliver to funerals, and we offer same-day delivery. You need only to place your order with us and provide details of the funeral, and our delivery service takes care of everything else. It is also possible to include a card or message with the flowers, which means that it is not needed for you to extend a separate message of commiserations to the funeral, unless you would choose to. A good flower delivery service should offer this as a minimum.

What to Consider When Choosing a Flower Delivery Service

There are many different flower delivery services available today, and it is important to consider their services and features when choosing one to send flowers to an occasion as important as a funeral. For example, FloraQueen offers same-day delivery to orders made that are not too late in the day. This is a great option if you are suddenly unable to attend a funeral for some reason, or only find out about the family’s loss on the day of the funeral and would still like to express your condolences to them. FloraQueen also ensure that the process of delivery is smooth and free of drama, and we offer speedy and professional customer service in case something does go wrong with your order.

It is also wise to have a look at the range of flowers and arrangements on offer by the service you are considering. Many of the designs offered by FloraQueen have been made by expert florists to ensure that they are appropriate for an occasion like a funeral or to send to those experiencing grief. These bouquets and arrangements are beautiful and have a serene quality. Flowers can be soothing and strengthening in times of hardship, and it is therefore important to choose an arrangement that offers such qualities to those who you are going to send them to.

Some delivery services offer complementary services in addition to delivering flowers in order to help make the gesture more complete. With FloraQueen, you can also send or include cards with messages or support and condolences as part of your delivery. You can also choose to send other gifts, like a gift basket or vase, to help strengthen your message and show your support to friends, family, and loved ones at the funeral. FloraQueen also deliver within 100+ countries, so it is highly likely that the country that the recipients of your gift are in are in a country covered by FloraQueen. If that is not the case, make sure to find a reputable service within that country that can offer similar services to FloraQueen.

How to Choose Flowers to Send to a Funeral

There is not necessarily a specific flower or set of flowers that one should send in the event of bereavement, but there are some that are more popular than others for a variety of reasons. However, this may vary depending on the cultural background or nationality of your recipients, so do make sure to consider this thoroughly and do some research if necessary if there is any doubt on your part, before you send them any flowers or gifts. For example, in Jewish communities it is often atypical to send flowers as a form of condolence gift. Some families may also specifically state that they would like for something else to be done in lieu of sending them flowers (donating to a specific charity, for example). If this is the case, then the best thing to do is to follow their wishes.

Ideally, the flowers you choose should be arranged to arrive at the funeral home before the visiting hours begin. That way, they can be there already when the family arrives, and they don’t have to deal with any disruptions while they are there. There are a handful of different types of arrangements that are typical to send to funerals or bereaved families, too. Flowers for the casket are usually arranged by the immediate family, for example, so it is not appropriate to organize this yourself unless they specifically ask you to do so. You might like to choose something that is not too specific in what it conveys, and simply consists of beautiful and calming flowers, to bring some sense of calm and tranquility to the funeral home in a difficult time.

There are not necessarily any flowers that are traditionally sent to funerals, but classic favorites are a staple for many different occasions. Lilies are a nice option, for example, as these beautiful flowers have a gentle fragrance and are generally liked by most people. White and red are nice choices of color to send to a funeral, as they are tasteful and classic. The only selection of flower that would be in poor choice to send to a funeral is of course black, and this should definitely be avoided.

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