Lilies, the noblest of flowers

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The lily is a flower that is native to the Balkans but which soon spread throughout the world, especially in southern Europe. With its six white or coloured petals, it is one of the bouquets that is most given as a gift on special occasions. A wedding, a birthday, a new baby… any event could be the perfect moment for conveying your feelings with lilies.


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Several legends surround this marvellous flower. Besides being the emblem of the city of Florence, symbol of Christianity and coat of arms of Louis VII, the lily is also a subject in the famous painting The Origin of the Milky Way, by Tintoretto.



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The legend tells the story of the god Jupiter, who wished to render Hercules immortal. In attempting to take the child from the arms of slumbering Juno, Jupiter awakened her, some of whose milk was sprayed across the heavens and on earth. The Milky Way was formed in the sky and the lily came into being on earth.

According to mythology, then, the origins of the lily are noble and royal, as the flower actually comes from the milk of a goddess. Giving the gift of a lily means, and by no coincidence, giving the gift of happiness, distinction and elegance to the person receiving the bouquet. These flowers seek to convey purity and majesty, as well as in the person that wears them in their hair or clothes.

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