Flowers of the World: Brazil

Beautiful Roses

If you wish to send flowers to Brazil, FloraQueen is the answer.

The Immortal Rose

Throughout the world, the rose is known as a symbol of love and affection. So, it is no surprise that such a flower is frequently seen in many bouquets. Thanks to its unforgettable petals and tempting aroma, the rose is a perfect choice if you wish to send flowers to Sao Paulo and indeed any other city within this eclectic country. There may very well be no better choice if you hope to make a lasting impression upon a friend, family member or loved one.

Beautiful Roses

A Pure White Flavour

Still, red is not the only symbol of affection. If you are looking for a bit of an aesthetic “twist” the next time you send flowers to Rio, why not instead opt for a white rose as an offbeat choice? While they will still display the enticing aroma of their red counterpart, their purity is perfect to punctuate other colours within the arrangement. As the white rose grows in the wild throughout many regions of this country, such a bouquet will also provide a welcome familiarity.

The White Lily

Although this flower is traditionally grown in the Balkans and Asia, there are a number of tropical locations within Brazil that similarly offer its unique sense of beauty. Highlighted by a base of iridescent yellow which slowly fades to a pure white, such lilies are ideal if you wish to send flowers to Sao Paulo and indeed any other location within this large country. Also, the white lily is an ideal option for celebrations such as a birth, an anniversary or a wedding. Their sweet and succulent aroma is perfect for someone in hospital recovering from surgery and the white lily is frequently seen during communions and other religious celebrations.

White Lily

White Lily

The Gerbera

This flower is actually native to the jungles of Brazil and many other parts of South America. Its beautiful florets can be found exhibiting colours which range from white to pink and deep shades of red. These hues are punctuated by heads which can be up to twelve centimetres wide. So, the Gerbera is often considered as a centrepiece to an existing floral ensemble. If you hope to soon send flowers to Rio, why not choose such a magnificent plant as a bespoke option?

There are only a few of the most popular choices available. If you hope to send flowers to Brazil with the help of FloraQueen, you can enjoy a hassle-free and expedient service which has become the hallmark of our company.

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