The Attractive Yellow Rose Flower

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The rose is believed to be the queen of flowers. It is known for its elegance, beauty, and nobleness. It is therefore not surprising that for many thousands of years, humans have been choosing it, from among countless other species of flowers, to show how they feel towards their beloved. In addition, roses have greatly contributed to the evolution of the language of blossoms. Each rose color sends a unique meaning to its recipient. However, yellow flowers have an ambiguous meaning. While some believe that they are a symbol of separation, some say that they are the very essence of joy and happiness.

The yellow rose is a lovely glowing flower, no doubt because it has the color of sunshine. It is a symbol of light and warmness. However, it has a story that goes back many hundreds of years and explains why the yellow rose means paradoxical things.

In this article, we are going to discuss several points such as:

* What Is the Meaning of the Yellow Rose?
* What Is the History of the Yellow Rose?
* How to Plant and Maintain a Yellow Rose?
* When Can One Offer a Yellow Rose?

What Is the Meaning of the Yellow Rose?

Bouquets of yellow roses are nice! Sadly, many viewers are afraid to purchase them. For a long time, the yellow rose has been regarded as a sign of betrayal. This bad character assigned to it comes originally from the myth that red roses became yellow roses due to the unfaithfulness of the wife of a prophet.

This attitude has occurred so often in movies and romance novels (a male giving a woman a yellow rose as a gesture of divorce) that it eventually had a profoundly negative effect on the thinking of all people. However, let us face it; in the language of flowers, the yellow rose bears no connection to unfaithfulness or divorce. Indeed, all yellow roses bring warmth and happiness to the household, as yellow is a golden color representing sunlight, richness, wonder, admiration, friendship, joy and good moods in life in general.

What Is the History of the Yellow Rose?

Whether the story is real or invented, the myth exists today. It all begins when a prophet believed that his favorite wife was cheating on Him. To be sure, he went to seek the opinion of the Archangel Gabriel. He recommended that upon his return from the war, he should ask his wife to throw roses in a river. If the colors of the flowers turned to yellow, the betrayal was proven.

When the prophet arrived, his wife welcomed him back with red roses. Immediately he instructed her to throw them in the river. To his great shock, the red roses became saffron yellow, indicating his wife’s infidelity. From that moment on, the yellow rose symbolized infidelity, treason, and separation.

This story, of course, has many different variations, but its significance is always the same: yellow roses are an indication of mistrust and betrayal. Therefore, if someone offers a woman yellow roses, it means that he wants to separate from her.

How to Plant and Maintain a Yellow Rose?

The best time to plant a rose is during November-December, particularly in areas with good light soil or in good open ground. In difficult fields and at high elevations, it is advisable to wait until February or March to start planting your roses. In the event of late planting (April-May), it is even more essential to soak the roots in muddy liquid enabling greater adherence to the ground. After planting, water generously and mound the roots for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Reserve a sunny and ventilated site for the yellow roses as the sun encourages their growth and blooming. The best sun orientation is South-East or South-West, but a half-day of minimum sunshine can be suitable for them. Cut off the stems towards the end of the season, as they naturally regrow by themselves the next year. In regions with harsher winters, cover the plant with mulch.

When Can One Offer a Yellow Rose?

Be advised that yellow roses can be offered at any kind of event and to whomever you wish. It could be your friend, your mom, your co-worker, your professor or even a star; as such a bouquet can only add joy to the recipients regardless of the occasion.

Nevertheless, it is recommended that you present yellow roses that only recently started to bloom to younger people and those that are in full bloom to elderly people since they represent good health and longer life.

However, the question probably everyone is wondering: is it correct to give a bouquet of yellow roses to a loved one? The answer is YES. You may offer a yellow rose bouquet to your sweetheart to express your respect and your willingness to live happy memories at their side. Yellow roses are also a symbol of kindness and affection, so they can be given to celebrate births, anniversaries and weddings.

With their bright color and association with good wishes, yellow roses are perfect for making a toast to friends, providing comfort or offering good wishes. This is excellent news for people who love roses. The yellow rose is valued for the simple elegance and shape of its beautiful buds.

The color yellow, synonymous with sunshine and warmth, is the most ancient symbol of warmth, companionship, and optimism. In numerous western cultures, this color is a symbol of joy, wise and active people. However, while any other yellow flower can convey a joyful message, the yellow rose carries an additional dimension of optimism because of its rich history.

Up until the 18th century, roses were only cultivated in shades of pink and white. The yellow rose, inaccessible until then, was found in the wild in the Middle East where European fell in love with it, and as you can see, there is a good reason for that.

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