Anemone Flower Meaning – Wild but Fragile

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Flowers are a big part of our lives. They help us express some specific feelings without having to say a word, and they make our homes cozy and beautiful, they bring good vibes and positive energy into our homes and lives, and they simply let us admire them.

When it comes to anemones, we might have different ideas and symbols related to them, but they’re all correct. They symbolize different things, and each color means something else. In this article, the meanings, and symbols of the beautiful, fragile anemones are presented, with a focus on:

*Etymology of anemones

*What do anemones mean?

*What do colors of the anemones mean?

Etymology of Anemones 

The anemone flowers grow in Europe, Japan, and North America, and they belong to a genus that contains about 120 different species. Their name originates from the Greek word that means “wind,” which is why they’re also called windflowers or “the wind’s daughter.” This name actually has a story behind it. It is said that anemones grew from the tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love when she was mourning the death of her lover, Adonis, who was killed by the gods because of their jealousy over their beautiful love affair. This is another reason why we associate the anemones with untouchable everlasting love.

Impressionist painters, like Monet, depicted anemones in their beautiful paintings. Also, they are depicted in the paintings of the Virgin Mary as she mourns the death of Christ; that’s why it is believed that red anemones symbolize the blood of Christ.

The Greeks believed that anemones symbolized both the approach of the spring and the mourning of a loved one, the Victorians used them to represent the lost love, the Chinese saw them as a symbol of disease and the European peasants used them to ward off the illness.

The anemones close up at night and open in the morning, which is why many Eastern cultures see them as a sign of bad luck, but Western cultures believe they offer protection against bad energy.

 What Do Anemones Mean?

An anemone flower is a sign of forgotten love, a partner who is no longer present in someone’s heart, and the loss of feelings that are caused by the absence. A bouquet of anemones was used at funerals, as a sign of the death of a loved one, also meaning the mourning of a person.

This flower is not used only for sad circumstances, and it also symbolizes excitement and the “I can’t wait” feeling due to its vibrant and lively colors. Some cultures also believe that anemone flowers can predict the approach of the rain, and an old wives’ tale says that when the anemone’s petals close up, a storm is coming. This helped people gather their belongings just in time and hide them before the rain.

The anemones are also said to keep away evil spirits. Some people believe in the magical powers of them and wear them in their pockets to keep away the evil and guarantee protection. Others wear them in order to attract good luck in different life circumstances.

These beautiful flowers bloom during spring, so they’re also a sign of the arrival of sunnier, beautiful days. This is a symbol of happiness, joy, and new possibilities that warmer weather can bring. They were also seen as protection against illness, and people wore them to keep disease away from them. This flower was also used in potions and medicine.

Regarding the fact that anemones have many different meanings, they can be offered at a funeral or memorial, as a bouquet for someone who is getting married or having a baby, as a get-well-soon gift and even for wishing someone good luck for an incoming situation.

What Do Colors of The Anemones Means? 

Each color of the anemone has a different meaning; that’s why we have to pay attention to what color we choose. The white anemones are a sign of innocence, cleanliness, and purity. They’re usually used in funerals, as people give them to pay the last respects for those who have gone away. White is actually a neutral color that can be offered to anyone, but it’s good to keep in mind the idea behind it.

The yellow anemones bring out happiness and positivism. They’re amazing to keep inside our homes and in our gardens, as they remind us to always stay happy and positive. They’re also an amazing gift to offer to someone who you always want to see happy and positive.

Purple anemones symbolize royalty, luxury, and beauty, as they’re unique and different. They are related to anticipation and happiness, which makes them a great gift to offer to someone you’ve been waiting for so long to see and talk to.

Nowadays, red anemones are no longer seen as bloodshed, they’re seen as love and romance. They’re ideal for adding to the bouquet you’re going to offer to your partner, as they’re small and fragile and can complete a beautiful, romantic floral arrangement.

Pink anemones are related to femininity and gentleness. They can be offered as a sign of love, appreciation, and respect for someone you like. They’re also great to plant in your garden, as they complement the green ones, and they’re also amazing to be used for weddings. You can also put a beautiful bouquet of pink anemones in your living room, as they brighten up your home.

After seeing the meaning of anemones and each color of it, we can wisely choose what color to opt for in each situation of our lives, according to its meaning, without sending the wrong message. Anemones make great gifts for other people, but they’re amazing as a gift for ourselves when we want to decorate our homes and lives with their beauty.

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