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Send fresh flowers to Japan

Send Flowers To Japan

Make a special day all the more special by sending flowers to Japan today to ensure those you love smile the widest smiles. Share the most beautiful bouquets and floral arrangements easily to make any occasion a cause to celebrate.

Why to send flowers to Japan

Japanese culture is one that often pays homage to nature and flowers are believed to carry an especially important significance. Floral gifting in Japan is considered very highly and there's no doubting that the gift of flowers adds an extra special touch to a surprise on someone's birthday, wedding or just to make someone you love smile any day of the year. All our bouquets can also be enhanced with further gifts such as wine, chocolates and teddies, so you can send the perfect present for your recipient. There are a few important tips to remember when you send flowers to Japan:

  • Avoid sending a gift of white chrysanthemums as birthday or wedding flowers as these are commonly associated with funeral ceremonies
  • Less is sometimes more when sending flowers in Japan, locals often prefer simpler more rustic arrangements
  • If in doubt roses are appreciated in almost all circumstances as floral gifts in Japan

When to make a flower delivery to Japan

While Japan is very much a land with its own unique traditions and cultural norms, there are many times during the year when their celebrations are very similar to those in the west. For example, it’s common to give flowers on Valentine’s Day, although in this case, it’s often women buying flowers and gifts for special men in their lives and the favour is returned by men on White Day on March 14th. Additionally, flowers make great gifts on Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, International Women’s Day on March 8th as well as Parents Day on 1st June when locals honour and pay homage to their elder family members.

How to send flowers to Japan with FloraQueen

Sending flowers with FloraQueen’s international flower delivery service is easy. All you need to do is tell us the bouquet you’d like to surprise your special someone with and where and when you’d like it delivered to their address in Japan and we’ll take care of the rest. With our network of local florists nationwide we’re not only able to ensure that your delivery will arrive on time but also that your order will be prepared with the best quality flowers. Try sending flowers to Japan today, it only takes a few clicks to share smiles.

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