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Send flowers to Japan

Japan’s main defining feature is its traditional culture, filled with details that the Japanese pay great attention to, and one of their characteristic traits is the care and dedication they devote to everything they do.

Nature plays an important role in the Japanese mentality and philosophy, which is why flowers hold particular significance in the day-to-day life of the Japanese. Some flowers become a source of worship and admiration, and the particular meaning of each flower adds to its beauty.

It is no wonder then why the Japanese give the gift of flowers. However far away you are from your loved ones, the distance will not be a problem for FloraQueen who, thanks to their excellent international flower delivery service to Japan, will bridge any distance. Our network of the best local florists in Japan will ensure delivery of the most fresh bouquets and on-time delivery, whenever you desire flowers delivered to your loved ones.

The fascinating city of Tokyo, the country’s capital and financial centre, is one of the most important technological hubs in the world. Its cosmopolitan and multicultural character undoubtedly makes this pulsating Asian city a wonderful setting. Surprising someone with a little floral gift in Tokyo is a highly sophisticated and much-appreciated gesture. Sending flowers is a sign of gratitude and consideration for the Japanese.

The beautiful port city of Yokohama, located a few kilometres from Tokyo, is home to the largest Chinese community in Japan and has a long fishing and maritime trade tradition. One of its most prominent landmarks is the fabulous Sankeien, testimony to the Japanese adoration of nature. Given the confluence of different cultures, flower tastes in Yokohama are quite varied, which makes them a nice, versatile gift. There is nothing like sending or receiving a flower bouquet from that special someone or from a relative you have not seen for a long time.

Osaka, a very crowded city, is another one of the exclusive destinations to which FloraQueen can deliver your flowers. This port city on Osaka Bay enjoys a subtropical humid climate conducive to vegetation, greatly appreciated by the Japanese – which is why giving flowers is a popular gesture among them.

The Japanese city of Nagoya, located in the region of Honshu, is one of the largest and most industrialised cities in the country. Despite the frenetic pace imposed in the city’s everyday life, the attention to detail typical of Japanese culture is upheld in the customs of its inhabitants, as in the rest of the country. Floral gifts sent among friends and family members are highly appreciated as tokens of love and affection.

Sapporo, located in the Ishikari Plain, is one of the newest and most modern cities in Japan. The ambiance in the streets and its buildings is clearly reminiscent of American cities. However, its modernity does not imply an absence of traditional Japanese reverence for flowers, which are extremely valued and undoubtedly represent the best gift or special gesture with which you can show your affection. So do not hesitate to send flowers to Sapporo through FloraQueen’s website.

Köbe city is located in the Kansai region. It is a highly cosmopolitan port city with a longstanding tradition in international trade. However, the love of flowers, as if it were a universal language, knows no cultural diversity and it is a much-appreciated gift by its inhabitants. This is why there is an age-old tradition of sending flowers to Köbe among close friends and relatives.

So wherever you need to send flowers in Japan, FloraQueen is your first port of call. Our online flower shop will ensure that they receive the best quality flowers whenever they need them, it couldn't be simpler to send flowers to Japan.

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